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Pacer Kristen Testimonials

The marathon pacer, mom, wife, fitness guru, and Purium lifestyle advocate.

I know we didn't stick around the whole time, but you helped us 100% through the first 18 miles! We couldn't have been so steady and positive without you!!!!!

Ali - 2016 Miami Marathon

I ran just in front of u the whole race. I wanted to thank u so much!! Your pace was dead on. You pushed me more than you'll ever know! At mile 25 you were the difference when I started to slow--u picked it up! At 26---I sprinted the .2 miles left. My time was 3:59:04. Having a sub 4 as my first marathon marks one of the best achievements of my life and you were apart of that!

Todd - 2016 Miami Marathon

Thanks so much for your support. Couldnt have gotten my PR (minus 17 minutes!) without you today.

Akiko - 2016 Miami Marathon

I just wanted to thank you for being an amazing pacer on Sunday! You had me until around mile 10 when the bridge broke my pace and I lost sight of you! I did want to scream 'please wait for me'! I pushed through and my half was 2 hours and 28 seconds!! About a minute slower than last year but still proud! What I hadn't appreciated was the inspiration and motivation you provide and I went on to tell my two fellow runners all about you afterwards! Thank you thank you for the motivation and inspiration! I will run on and see you next year!! That's me in the front with my arms up when you sprinted ahead!

Catherine - 2016 Miami Marathon

Hi Kristen.. First I want to thank you!!! I started off in your 4hr group in the marathon yesterday. You are absolutely amazing and made my first marathon experience so enjoyable that I have already signed up for my second. I am hoping to be able to hit the 4hrs this time. Thank you thank you thank you for being the best motivator/guide/teacher there is.

Becky - Palm Beach, FL @ Palm Beach Full Marathon

Thank you for the pacing of my Half today. You are very good at keeping us moving.

Mark - Palm Beach, FL @ Palm Beach Half Marathon

Thank you so much. You are truly motivating and an awesome lady to run with. Even though I went ahead, I could hear your voice and it helped more than you know!!! Keep up the good work. Once again, thank you.

Jennifer - Palm Beach, FL @ Palm Beach Full Marathon

The Purium Lifestyle Testimonials

I want to join!

My goal in trying the Purium transformation was to "reset" my nutrition to clean and start eating and fueling myself in a healthier manner. I know conclusively that it changed my eating habits. I now feel better and I perform better! With my perceived exertion at the same level, I am riding and running faster on the same routine workouts. My race performances are really amplified, I am definitely sticking with this winning formula!

Dave Masterson, Nerds On Site - Palm Beach, FL

Three months ago my doctor wanted to put me on meds to lower my cholesterol and triglycerides. I asked him to give me three months as I was just starting on my Purium Lifestyle Transformation Journey. Today was my three month visit - my triglycerides dropped 100 points - my bad cholesterol went down to below normal, I lost 14 lbs. He was very surprised. I wasn't - I know that our products were going to give me the results I needed. Now tell me that we don't have the best products on the market!!!! God has blessed us with these products to improve our health and those we love!!!

Theresa W. - Merritt Island, FL

I reluctantly tried the Ten Day Transformation at the urging of my wife. She was concerned about my drinking Diet Coke. For years, I consumed one liter of Diet Coke daily. After the ten Day Athlete’s Transformation Cleanse, I no longer crave or consume Diet Coke or any soda beverages. The Purium products have balanced my pH level and given me better energy, which is important as an avid cyclist.

Chip G. - Cocoa, FL

Day 9 and going strong. Energy is off the wall... Total pounds down so far is almost 7 and yesterday had on my jeans that had not fit for quite some time.

Mara - Merritt Island, FL

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