Here’s the deal…Health is a lifetime journey, and once I got on board with that, everything changed!

Over spring break, I visited my Father-In-Law and while looking through old scrapbooks (that’s what we used to use before FB! 🤣), I saw old pictures of myself. Believe it or not, I’d actually forgotten just how different I looked and felt. The great thing is that once you write a new story for yourself, you actually slough off the old self and leave it behind. When you change mindset and negative self-talk, let go of the past, create a strong vision for the person you choose to become, and create a lifestyle to support your changes and new ego state, significant and sustainable  changes happens.

But I’m not going to sugar coat this! From the looks of my 30 pounds bigger self, you can guess there were moments of self doubt and limitations, setbacks and frustration.

My journey started 30 years ago, when I was trying everything to lose weight and Jenny Craig, starvation, willpower, and the self-created baby food diet (really!) were my best tools. Nothing really worked for me, and it wasn’t for lack of trying, or even due to limited will-power or lack of exercise. After all, I played college volleyball…or at least until I quit because the required, tight, little shorts made me feel scared, embarrassed, and less than human. I couldn’t bare the thought of others seeing my big body poured into the snug bottoms. Surely everyone would notice and place judgement. Yep, I quit…because of my big body and the small shorts!

The scale dominated my life, and so did running – to work off any excess calories. If the number on the scale climbed, I freaked out and beat myself up. I thought of myself as a big girl. Daily actions and emotions were rooted in my negative self-concept and self-loathe until I was sick and tired of being sick and tired!

And that was the defining moment. Only that changes didn’t come for another 14 years when I got honest with myself, became mindful of the choices I made either to hurt or to nourish my body, and I began writing a new story for my life….A story of empowerment, of confidence, of healthfulness, and being in control. It’s a terrible thing to be controlled by food! 

Mindset changed and consumption changed…mostly! I’d lost weight but I still wasn’t living the life I’d wanted, still secretly starving myself to some degree with Starbucks, Diet Coke and pretzels. It’s a bad thing when you know where every soda vending machine is located. Those secret spots sustained me every day. I knew how to lose weight, but not how to get healthy. 

I slowly discovered there’s a big difference between being “skinny” and healthy. (And believe me when I say, it’s no compliment to call someone “skinny” anymore than it’s great to be called fat! Calling someone out verbally for their size is never okay, friends!) Through self-study, being introduced to Superfoods, and my coursework to become a certified health coach, I realized that food is a powerful tool, especially when combined with mindset!

This has been a 30 year journey of learning to love myself, realizing my value is not on the scale, understanding that daily progress is powerful, and that food is not a drug but a tool to realize health, empowerment, energy, and confidence.

I no longer EVER weigh myself (last time was 135).
I sometimes eat junk.
I don’t punish myself for getting off track.
I feel no guilt or self-hate.
I have more muscle, confidence, and energy.
I get faster EVERY YEAR (a lot faster than 30 years ago).
I relish in the gifts I offer my family and others.
My weight fluctuates and clothes are sometimes tight.
I don’t guilt myself into healthy choices.
I choose food and drinks out of self love and respect.
I’m happier.
I’ll be 50 very soon!

It’s been a long and slow journey.

If you are still using the number on the scale as a prerequisite to happiness, or waiting for the right time to get healthy, it’s NEVER GOING TO BE HERE!

Choose today.
Choose progress.
Change mindset.
Develop self-love.

…This is what I help you to do in my health coaching programs! Are you ready?