I’m tacking a controversial topic today….Why do we get fat?

Theories abound to answer this question, and they are all on point…We eat more sugar, less fiber, more cheaply prepared foods and fast food, get less sleep, deal with more stress, move less, drink less water, eat less Whole Foods, and generally got completely off track with the 80’s focus on “low fat, low calorie” foods emphasis.
I agree with all of the above, and it’s the latter with which I choose to focus this blog.
Traditionally, as recently as 2013, the National Institute for Health has promoted the Energy Expenditure model as an effective weight management and health formula: “Your ENERGY IN and OUT don’t have to balance every day. It’s having a balance over time that will help you stay at a healthy weight for the long term.

How can this approach possibly be a valid one to lose weight and to stay healthy? This is to assume that all calories were created equally, yet it doesn’t take a degree is physics to know that this is not the case. Were it true, we could all eat 5- 2 oz Snickers Candy Bars and copious Diet Cokes daily to be healthy and even to lose weight! Heck, I could eat even more with running my daily 6-10 miles! WOW! Folks, it’s just not true.

The quality of the food we eat is at the root of obesity, diabetes, and the myriad health issues in modern society. 

Historically, society has correlated and even given casualty of weight to prosperity. Even China as recently as 30 years ago celebrate one who was more “plump” as being healthy both in wellness and in finances. It makes sense, more money, more food, less exercise, more indulgences. Prosperity equals weight gain. Yet, culture after culture has actually seen the opposite effect. From the Pima Indians in the mid 1800’s to the hard working Chilean Factory workers of the 1970’s, scientists have noted physically active, deprived societies migrate to more prosperous existences only to be malnourished and suffering from obesity. Certainly we note the same today in modern America….obesity and nutrient deficiencies predominate all of society, and certainly that of the working class. You would expect the opposite…with a food deficit you would expect lean, thin, and starving individuals. Sadly, we note widespread obesity throughout all classes, active/inactive, poor/wealthy, educated/uneducated, old/young….Even cases of obese parents in the same home with malnourished children are frequently observed. Obesity doesn’t discriminate, yet surely our genes haven’t changed that significantly to substantiate the 250% increase in obesity rates in the last 50 years nor the 30% increase in diabetes in the last 30 years! Yet we are still holding on to conventional theories about the increase in weight gain and chronic disease! It’s time to rethink your paradigm!
Pacer Kristen
This theory that one could count calories dates back to researcher Max Wishnofsky, MD, in 1958, who calculated that 1 lb of fat stores approximately 3,500 kcal of energy. Dieticians and the medical world latched onto this theory and have propagated it into the health world to support the notion that cutting 500 daily calories from one’s diet would yield a one pound weight loss over 7 days. There it is! The RESTRICTIVE DIET was born!
If this is true, then the reverse is equally true! Eugene Dubois’ 1927 textbook on metabolism, notes that one must stay within an 8% increase (only 20 calories!!!) in daily caloric intake to maintain weight. A daily gain of 20 calories will yield a 20 pound gain in 10 years! (20 calories x 365 days x10 years)/3500 calories = 20 pounds! It’s time to ditch the Calories In/Calories Out model!

Right now you’re thinking, “How can FAT make me FAT?”  In a nutshell, when we eat food, such as bread or pasta, insulin is spiked because the food is quickly and easily broken down into sugar, which enters the bloodstream. With an excess of carbohydrates or sugar in the bloodstream comes an excess of insulin, and the action of excess insulin is to stimulate fat storage in adipose (fat) cells. As Rosalyn Yolow and Solomon Berson noted, “Insulin is the principal regulator of fat metabolism.”

“Carbohydrates drive insulin, and insulin drives fat!”
George Cahill, 2005

Then the key to what makes us fat comes down to one principle…getting our bodies and cells to work correctly! Willpower, counting calories, exercise, gimmicks and fads – all the ideology upon which we typically rely are ineffective! Instead, it’s time to shift the paradigm to one of inclusively eating real, whole foods, rich in vegetables, some fruit, clean protein (for example pasture raised beef or chicken/wild salmon), and healthy fats (for example coconut oil, almonds/walnuts, flax seeds, and pasture raised beef, eggs, dairy), and some whole grains. In so doing, there is an absence of simple and processed carbohydrates such that insulin levels drop and fat is capable of escaping from fat tissues. The absence of insulin releases fatty acids from fat cells! It’s that easy!

It’s time to change your diet and stop counting calories!

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