If Soda/Diet Soda, sweet tea, or Energy drinks are a part of your regular diet, Kombucha is your salvation! Found in the refrigerated produce section of your grocery store, Kombucha is a fermented black or green tea, reportedly originating from China approximately 5,000 years ago! With such a rich history, it makes you wonder why you’ve not heard of Kombucha before, especially with all the amazing health benefits!!! I can recall drinking many a Starbucks and Diet Coke and feeling riddled with the guilt of knowing substances were filling my body that nature had not intended to be there. Not so with Kombucha! Instead, Kombucha is loaded with enzymes, polyphenols (antioxidants), and electrolytes (hydration) to balance the enzymes in your gut, to detoxify, to boost immunity, to increases energy, and to help ease joint pain!

My favorite benefit? Kombucha is that “fizzy” afternoon “pick me up”…minus the guilt! Low in sugar but high in flavor…Kombucha comes in many unique flavors…you will find that one daily Kombucha is a wonderful addition to your daily repertoire, especially with their new offering: Tantric Tumeric! Check this out…

Kombucha with a twist…Added TURMERIC!!!!

As if Kombucha weren’t good enough, turmeric takes your health benefits up a notch…I’ve even devoted a whole blog to this amazing plant!

Turmeric is a root plant grown in the southeast forests of Asia. Maybe you have heard of it when used in the culinary world of curry and Asian dishes? Mostly a savory flavor with a warm and slightly bitter taste, it’s typically used for flavoring a variety of foods including curry powders, mustards, butters, and cheeses. What you might not have known, and I too fall into that category until recent times, is that turmeric is also used widely for medicinal purposes.

Amongst other things, turmeric is used for arthritis, inflammation, colds, cancer, fever, menstrual issues, fibromyalgia, depression, heartburn, stomach pain, intestinal gas, liver issues, bloating, loss of appetite (okay, admittedly that’s not an issue for me!), diarrhea, gas, jaundice, kidney problems, and headaches.

It can even be used on the skin for myriad wounds, pain and inflammation. Not that I’m going to waste my Tantric Turmeric Kombucha on my skin!  This stuff is meant to drink on a hot summer day!

Step aside wine (its trace amounts of alcohol occurring from the natural fermenting process are a nice benefit too!), soda, and energy drinks…you are about to be a thing of the past! …I’ll admit, I’m absolutely addicted to having one a day! Grab one and Enjoy!