I’m always looking to improve the lunches I pack for my family. Let’s face it, this is no easy task! The task of avoiding packaged foods is next to impossible, especially  when taking shortcuts with prepackaged foods. I routinely hear my kids mutter, “But Mom!!!…All my friends get to eat (fill in the blank)!!!! As is that weren’t enough, throw in the constantly unfolding information about BPA in prepackaged foods.

There’s got to be a better way, right? 

Perpetually on a mission to improve the foods that my children consume, I recently became aware of a new food system to take our lunches to the next level of health…enter a BPA free lunch system! I know, you’re thinking this is a paid advertisement. Think again! Instead, take a look at the data, and you’ll be sharing this information with all your friends too!

BPA is a carbon based synthetic compound that is used routinely in the Standard American Diet (SAD) to make certain plastics including water bottles, toys, sports equipment, and many food storage systems. It’s even found in our receipts! According to a 2015 report, BPA was the highest volume of chemicals produced worldwide! It affects everyone. In fact, approximately 90% of individuals test positive for BPA in their urine!

I don’t want to eat plastic, and I certainly don’t want my kiddos to ingest it either! BPA leaches into food and because it is a xenoestrogen, it acts like the hormone estrogen and disrupts cellular activity. Recent studies have even found that “when BPA interacts with hormone receptors on cell membranes, concentrations  (as little as ) one part per trillion can stimulate physiological responses” including an impact on weight, insulin levels/blood sugar, infertility, cognitive functioning, and even its relationship to heightened risk of cancer! Honestly, isn’t it time to get BPA and plastics out of the fridge and the lunchbox… if not for our own health, certainly in the interest of our children’s good health!

Image courtesy of Environmental Working Group

Image courtesy of Marcela.com

Now for the fun stuff! Enter my new food system: U-Konserve! It’s my latest find, thanks to my good runner friend, Nancy, who shared it with me via Foodbabe.com! You know by now that I follow and love Vani Hari at Foodbabe.com for the latest on health, and she’s definitely pointed me in the right direction again. With the U-Konserve food system, a BPA lunch is delivered using stainless steel containers with or without dividers, stainless steel straws, reusable napkins and food wraps, as well as  snack bags. And, they are all earth-friendly!  Think “BPA Free Bento Box!” I was shocked to realize an average of 67 pounds of plastic waste is created annually in one child’s school lunch! Add to that, 250,000 tons of plastic sit in our oceans!..that’s the weight of a locomotive train! I love that these stainless steel containers also promote sustainability and are economically smart with their reusability factor! Last week, I took the plunge. I purchased a few starter pieces to transition over to a healthier lunch for all. My kids are excited, and I appreciate that they are learning to be advocates for their own health and for the environment too!

Get brave, put your family’s health first, help our Earth live longer, and join me to ditch the plastic once and for all in exchange for reusable glass and stainless steel containers. You will save money and maintain the security that you have protected the health of your family!

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