Freaking out over bikini season?

Heading to the beach or pool and feeling confident all at the same time can feel unsurmountable, especially when there’s no time to diet, exercise, or eat special foods. And, I’m guessing you already know the usual tips and tricks…get a fake tan (ugh…the chemicals and cancer risk), boost the girls (yes, your boobs), perform squats to contour the legs, wear the right suit to conceal bumps and bulges, accessorize, and wear cute wedges for better posture and longer legs.

I get it. But those take time, money, and work.

I’d rather rely on a few hacks that are free, get the job done naturally, take virtually no added time, and even help you gain health while you easily incorporate each hack into your day. Let’s be honest, these really aren’t hacks so much as the actions you should already be taking in your healthy day.

If all five are too much, use my “Change Just One” approach, which I teach you in my health coaching programs…Start with just one daily action. Use it for one week and get really good at it. Then add another. At the end of five weeks you will be a pro!

1) DRINK WARM LEMON WATER each morning. Lemon water is a diuretic and laxative. It decreases salt and water retention to reduce bloating. Lemon water also aids digestion and increases hydration and vitamin C for beautiful skin!
2) INCREASE PROTEIN to lose weight and belly fat, to boost metabolism, to decrease appetite, to increase lean muscle gain, to burn more calories, and to modulate several weight-regulating hormones. **Get $50 or 25% off my favorite Organic Green Protein shake and Super Amino Protein…They are how I start every morning to build lean muscle, even without the gym, as I head out the door!
3) DRINK CONCENTRATED APOTHE CHERRY JUICE to balance circadian rhythms for proper sleep. Studies show those with 5 hours of sleep or less gain more weight and have 15% more risk of being obese. Sleep reduces caloric intake, reduces appetite and cravings, improves your resting metabolism, and improves insulin resistance. More sleep means your body responds to food and hormones more effectively. Concentrated Organic Apothe Cherry Juice contains natural melatonin, is high in antioxidants, and is anti-inflammatory, so it supports your body to feel rested and renewed each morning. Best part? It helps your body to burn fat! 
4) BREATHE DEEPLY. When you breathe deeply, you absorb nutrients and trigger your body to release toxins. Shallow chest breathing decreases nutrient absorption, decreases the detox process (to rid your body of fat producing BPA), and increases weight gain. What’s more, high stress levels produce more cortisol, the hormone that triggers abdominal fat storage. 
5) EAT MORE WHOLE FOODS/NO PACKAGED FOODS. BPA, contained in canned and plastic -packaged foods, accelerates the production of fat! I’m not kidding!…90% of our BPA exposure comes through diet, and in just three days, individuals who stayed clear of canned and packaged foods showed a significant drop in BPA exposure for more weight loss. Eat real, whole foods to minimize fat producing and hormone disrupting BPA.
My health coach code save you $50 0r 25% off, the greater of the two, any Organic Superfoods at, my personal, online, health food store. A green protein shake and Concentrated Apothe Cherry are both part of my Nutritional Reboot Program. Average weight loss in 10 days, while eating real, whole foods, is just under 12 pounds. Are you ready? Head to the Work With Me tab to get registered.