As we move into the busy Holiday Season, it’s hard to sustain the high energy required for company, cooking, work, laundry, entertaining, and shopping. The amplitude of life accelerates to a forte. For most, the result is high stress, no sleep, and drained energy. With deliberate effort, you can combat the Holiday Blues and create the added energy required to get through it all with the desired Seasonal bliss. Today I’m sharing my top strategies for increasing your energy everyday now and throughout the year.

With added stressors, with age, and with increased stress, it’s critical to amp up your effort for high quality foods and beverages. At least 70% of processed foods contain refined sugar and/or flour, which is a true recipe for the daily roller coaster of blood sugar levels and subsequent varying energy provisions. To maintain a constant balance, choose whole, organic foods to combat fatigue including seasonal  fruit, beans, nuts, and seeds, whole grains such as oatmeal and bulgur wheat, healthy fats and proteins including salmon, chicken, eggs, and avocado.

Especially in the fall and winter months, your desire for water consumption wanes. Stick to a routine for drinking water morning, mid-morning, lunch, afternoon, and evening. With your body’s composition being mostly (60%) water, and since the majority is contained within the very cells that keep you in tip top shape, it’s critical to consume at least 50-70% of your body weight in fluid ounces of water daily. And, squeeze some lemon juice to alkalize your body and to detox the liver.

An estimated 70% of the population is deficient in Vitamin D, resulting in brain fog, fatigue and muscle weakness and other health complications. With winter, the busy Holidays, and a long workday in the office, most do not receive the required 15 minutes of daily sunshine to receive their daily required Vitamin D. To add energy this Thanksgiving, spend 15 minutes outside. Take a brisk walk during your lunch hour to reinvigorate your afternoon and to receive your Vitamin D boost! A Vitamin D supplement is also beneficial, and to increase its effectiveness, consider D3 (D2 if you are vegan) with a Medium Chain Triglyceride, since this vitamin is fat soluble.


With a daily routine to include morning exercise, you instantly increase the happy hormones (endorphins), improve focus, and have greater motivation and “stick-to-it-ive-ness” to eat the high energy foods! It’s a perfect feedback cycle with the added boost to your metabolism! The simple act of morning movement, to include cardio, yoga, walking, or even a gym class, will give your energy a daily boost! Just 10 to 20 minutes daily does the trick!

How many times have you heard the expression, “live in the moment?” This ambiguous phrase is thrown around freely in today’s busy culture. When truly implemented, it can actually boost your energy, but it takes practice and effort. Here’s how…When engaged in eating, playing with kids, driving, or spending time with a loved one, allow yourself to notice new details…your child’s hands, the colors and textures of your food, the clouds. In survival mode, we live in “autopilot,” without our senses engaged and with full awareness only of stresses. Be mindful of the mundane to energize your day!

Easier said than done, this Holiday adopt the word, “no,” and be realistic in your priorities and your available time. Parties, decorating, cookie-making, shopping all fill the day with little left to give. Fitness, healthy habits, and quiet time are the first to go, and joy is sure to follow, leaving you drained, resentful, and unhappy during the happiest season of all. To make more time, identify your top Holiday priorities and say a confident, “NO” to those activities or requests that don’t align.

Imagine how your life might feel with a few easy upgrades to make your health even with a busy schedule all year long? Jump on my next Health Made Easy Program on January 6!