It’s been one of those weeks. Actually several weeks…

You know what I’m talking about. Many demands with so little time. I’m a Health and Running Coach and Marathon Pacer, but I’m a Mother first. Add to that, after 21 years, we’ve sold our home and moved into a historic home, built in 1901. That’s several months of craziness!

Nourishing five bodies in our home, with clean, healthful foods is a full time job in itself, and especially when you’re trying to move, get kids to and from activities, and keep the home responsibilities running smoothly. This is where the “rubber meets the road,” health is derailed, fast food takes over, and exercise is non-existant. But not on my watch!

Busy times are when we need to fortify our bodies with added nutrients, extra sleep, and lots of stress-reducing activities such as breathing or meditation. Yet many take these times to let up and go easy with lowered expectations.

Happily, I wake up impassioned about everything I do!  But, it doesn’t make getting through the day any easier. And, I’m guessing most feel the same way…torn to compromise health with a chaotic life!

We think of summer months as being easy-going, but I’m pretty convinced a Mom’s demands exist all year long. I see it in my life and in my clients. So having a few strategies and “tricks of the trade” is helpful to maintaining a busy, but healthy life that is full of “clean foods.”

Eating Clean requires you to eat from a place of empowerment, to overcrowd your body with the good stuff, to go easy on yourself, and to make the best choices you can in any given circumstance.

With that premise, I’m sharing my top strategies for a leading a Clean, Empowered Lifestyle…even with a job, kids, and a busy schedule!

  1. Stock up on easy, “clean” sauces to marinate, flavor, and create fast meals. My favorites sauces:
  2. Keep fast grains and seeds on hand. My top picks:
  3. Use Sunday to roast a double batch of veggies, grains, and  to roast 2 chickens. I prepare quinoa or brown rice and freeze them is dinner-sized portions to use throughout the week.
  4. Plan weekly meals, including Super Fast and Easy 5 Ingredient Meals. My standbys:
    • Chicken and Bean Quesadillas
    • Bean Soup
    • Frittatas
    • Black Beans and Brown Rice
  5. Enlist the help of your children to clean and slice “grab and go” veggies and fruit for the week. These make healthy choices for the family all week long.
  6. Make Mason Jar Salads and Overnight Oatmeal or Chia Jars, which can store in the fridge for the week, and which you can grab – with a spoon, throw in your purse, and run out the door to eat on the go.
  7. Prepare for each day before bed…Fill water bottles, pack lunches, lay out supplements, and Green Protein shakes for fast mornings…Remember to lay out your exercise clothes too.

This list can feel overwhelming too! I get that!

As always, ONE CHANGE can give BIG RESULTS, So, choose one or two of these strategies to implement next week, and please let me know how you do!