Kristen Tinker M.A. (aka Pacer Kristen)


Hi, I’m Kristen!

I’ve been a marathon runner, coach and marathon pacer for many years. I’m also a Certified Integrative Nutritional Health Coach –  which is a fancy way of saying I can tell you what to eat to fuel your body so you can finally lose those stubborn extra pounds! I have a depth of understanding of how exercise and fitness can work towards you or even against your weight and health goals.

I’m a lifelong fitness fan and a busy mom of 3. I’ve experienced my own diet roller coaster and I finally cracked the code for what it takes to have a healthy, energetic body you feel confident about.

I know first hand what nutrition and mindset you need to be successful and get off the diet roller coaster.

It’s not about counting calories, although that’s what many of us were taught. It’s about nutrition and what those calories do for your body.

I’m a former teacher and principal, so I love to geek out on scientific research that shows us how our nutrition, supplements, fitness, and mindset play a vital role in having a happier and healthier life.

When I’m not exercising or coaching my clients on how to increase their nutrition and run faster, you can find me running around with my husband of over 25 years, my three kids and my golden retriever, Ellie.

Running a family of 5 keeps me on my toes! I’m excited to share the same nutrition and running secrets that support the daily demands of training, running a family, and balancing life…they’re the same secrets that have supported my clients’ running speed, recovery and also their happy lives!

If you’re ready to finally lose those stubborn pounds, click here to schedule a free break through session with me.


Here’s what my client, Michele, said it’s like to work with me:

“I can honestly say that my experience with Kristen as a health coach was life-changing.

When I started my sessions with Kristen, my goals were to get stronger, change my relationship with food and successfully run my first marathon.

It was a tall order since my training coincided with a particularly challenging time of my life on top of being a busy working Mom.  I am happy to say that I was able to achieve these goals and so much more.

By the end of our sessions, I was UNDER the goal weight that I had set – a number that I hadn’t seen since high school!”




Here’s what one client (Rachel, an anesthesiologist) said it’s like to work with me:

“My top three goals upon starting the program were weight loss, stress management and to improve my running distance.

My coach, Kristen, was able to help me work toward these goals by focusing on nutrition upgrades (becoming a “nutritarian”) and addressing the why behind food cravings eating habits and the tools necessary to make a change.

The most significant overall change I have noticed has been a sense of happiness and confidence. Happiness from the tangible nutritionally sound weight loss in addition to improved sleep and energy levels and even a clearer complexion. Confidence from learning how to implement a self-coaching strategy that is the key for me to better manage stress in the long term. 

The biggest tangible change I have noticed since beginning the program is the 17 pound weight loss attained without focusing on restrictions of food groups or calories nor implementing an intense exercise regimen. It was freedom from years of a dieting mindset of restriction that eventually always failed for me and resulted in the creep of the weight back.