I don’t buy boxed cereal anymore to avoid the added sugar, not to mention it’s lacking in fiber, and generally created from GMO/glyphosate treated crops.

Of course the Romans started our culture of breakfast CEREAL with their love of Bulgur Wheat, considered one of the first porridge grains and referred to as “cerealis.” It’s really too bad that grain has gotten a bad name!

When not treated with chemicals, grain has a great deal of nutrients to offer including fiber, protein, vitamins and minerals including magnesium, selenium, and B6. Who knew? But that’s not happening in a box of puffed rice or corn cereal!

Next time you reach for a box of cereal, think outside of the box. Warm up leftover brown rice, soak bulgur wheat overnight, steam a bowl of buckwheat. Add your favorite spices, fresh fruit, some nuts or nut butter and non-dairy milk, and you will see why those Romans were strong and satiated for gladiatorial combat!

Eat your cereal and go conquer your day!

HOW TO: Warm leftover organic, brown basmati rice with 1/2 banana, drizzle of almond butter, almond milk to desired consistency, sprinkle with dried cherries and cinnamon.