More than half of all Americans make a New Year’s Resolution….
Only 8% SUCCEED!
We don’t RISE to our GOALS…We FALL to our daily HABITS! Certainly sleep, stress, and life play a part in sabotaging New Year’s Resolutions, but the greatest obstacle is in not focusing on creating new habits to build a new mindset of healthy beliefs and ultimately a new self-identity.
We don’t RISE TO OUR GOALS; we FALL to our HABITS!
James Clear, Atomic Habits
Are you making lofty GOALS or choosing NEW HABITS?
Creating change and  long term success happens from accumulated and compounded daily habits and actions. Think about it, Beyonce didn’t just wake up a superstar! She created a vision and identity of being a successful performer, and then put in daily work to improve her voice, dance moves, mindset, and performance skills (probably more complex than this simple skill set, but you get the idea!). She practiced the daily habits of a successful performer.
When you seek self-improvement, you are looking only to be 1% better than the day before, realizing your work will compound into being the person you choose to be. f
  • Choose one habit to implement purposefully
  • Make an attractive and easy plan to execute your habit
  • Create a positive feedback loop.

Eventually, you will reach the tipping point in which you’ve stored enough successes that daily actions become a habit that is part of your new self-identity. 

1) VISUALIZE the person you CHOOSE TO BECOME! Instead of focusing on the broken systems you currently have or the person with self-loathe, visualize your new self-identity and the person you CHOOSE to be!
2) GET INTO ACTION around the new habit. Action kills fear and every daily action is a VOTE and VALIDATION either FOR or AGAINST the person you CHOOSE to be…

    • Want to be HEALTHY? Commit to a daily green shake!
    • Want to BE FIT? Workout just 10 minutes!
    • Want to BE CALM and FOCUSED? Meditate 5 minutes!
3) STATE YOUR INTENTIONS.Tell a friend or post to social media. With implementation intention comes accountability.
4) MAKE A PLAN TO EXECUTE! Schedule your intention in your planner. Make it a priority! Lay clothes out the night before to exercise. Have healthy green ingredients ready to go…After all, aren’t those actions you would take as the person you CHOOSE to be?
5) CHOOSE PROGRESS OVER PERFECTION! Track your daily actions and be patient. Your daily actions around a new habit will compound over time such that your daily, hard work is just STORED SUCCESS to becoming the person you CHOOSE to be.
These 5 steps allow you to keep your new habit front and center by making your actions obvious, attractive, easy, and rewarding.
Just watch your work compound day after day, month after month, and all year long! Then notice how your actions build beliefs and a new self- identity. Before you know it, daily actions aren’t hard at all, they are choices that align with your new identity, and lasting changes are in full effect!
Now it’s your turn! What’s the new HABIT you are creating and what actions will you take TODAY to make it happen?
** This blog is my adaptation on the book Atomic Habits by James Clear.