I know your reply… “I’ve been good all Easter. I didn’t have even ONE SINGLE serving of Easter’s Bunny Cake! Really!…It was just a little bite!…Oh, and I just licked the spoon to sample the batter! Well, I picked at my son’s slice….” C’MON, let’s get real. Nibbles add up!

If you’re like me, the craziness of the Holidays starts in October with Halloween and marches itself right through six months of havoc in my home, my routine, and my general life right up to Easter. I’ve had enough, and I’m cleaning up my act. You can too…TODAY. 

If you want to transform your health, weight, and wellness, it’s time to put your HIDDEN SNACKING IN THE PAST!

Here’s what I mean, we spend a great deal of our day thinking about the next meal, a yummy beverage (Starbucks or wine anyone?), dessert, or “just a snack.” But here’s the clincher. Much of this gets concealed…even innocently enough…to ourselves!

All day long, we LICK, NIBBLE, TASTE, SAMPLE, PICK AT, and have JUST ONE BITE! …women are the worst! How do I know? I’m the QUEEN of clandestine SNACKING with my hand routinely reaching into the bag of granola! (Oh my, this is like true confessions!) So, join me! Transform your life RIGHT NOW. Commit today to end hidden snacking by paying attention to the little “stuff” that creeps into your diet. It started with “just one little piece of October’s Candy Corn,” and it ends today with that last “nibble of Easter’s leftover bunny cake!”

PUT HIDDEN SNACKING IN THE PAST! No more picking at, having a small bite, sampling, and tasting! Remember this acronym:




S = SAMPLE and


Let’s face it, we don’t pick at sample and taste healthy foods; instead we fall victim to inflammatory foods that provide no nutrients. As a result, hidden snacking adds pounds and inches and contributes to bloating and inflammation, which increases your risk of disease. It’s a double whammy! Something so small as a bite adds up to big health and weight consequences! Commit today to keep it in your PAST and to transform with this one small change!

Here are your top 5 actions to keep snacking on the down side:

1. Set a reasonable limit for your indulgence and plate it. We get ourselves into trouble when food isn’t served but is eaten from the bag, platter, box, or tray and then consumed over the kitchen sink as if the faucet has some magical canceling powers. Eat as if you had guests and serve yourself a reasonable but modest sized portion. 

2. Check serving sizes. When you become aware that 1/4 cup of your favorite granola is one serving size, those nibbles out of the box become real! Read labels for serving sizes, serve it in an bowl or plate, and then stick to it!

3. Avoid Sharing Size bags. Thanks to manufacturers, most less nutritious foods are super-sized in “Sharing bags” and always offered at reduced prices. We subsequently fool ourselves into thinking a few bites will do the trick, saving the bag for a later time or to gift to a friend. Let’s be honest, when was the last time you wheeled into the convenience store to pick up a bag of M & M’s for sharing? Nobody really shares the supersize bag; it’s best shared with the convenience store’s shelf…keep it there!

4. Drink water and eat routine meals. Dehydration masks itself in cravings and with most individuals not consuming even close to the recommended daily amount (I suggest 50-70% of your body weight in fluid ounces) that’s a recipe for routine cravings, especially when meal skipping is a common practice to cut calories. Eat regular, small meals throughout the day and hydrate your cells with water. Both will assure your body it is receiving nutrients for vitality and cravings will dissipate. 

4. Include protein at each meal. Keep your snacking days behind you with small meals throughout the day and by including a lean source of protein in each snack or meal. Protein helps to curb the little bite habit by keeping you full longer, and it builds lean muscle to burn fat. With smaller, protein-satiating meals every few hours, you will find that you eat better, feel better, lose weight, and gain energy. 

5. Consider how much exercise you’ll have to do before you reach for that little bite, taste, or sample. Easter candy is the worst with mini versions of chocolate eggs and pop in your mouth jelly beans. And while I discourage the practice of calorie counting and trying to exercise your way around a bad diet, please know that you’ll need to run 4-5 minutes to burn off every mini Cadbury cream egg consumed!

In my Programs, you will learn to practice mindful eating to curb cravings and to lose weight once and for all! Get started today!