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Pomegranate seeds are ideal for hormonal balance, for supporting muscle and bone mass, and for reducing risk of Cancer!….They aren’t just for Christmas, friends! Let’s just start with this position…Long before being served in Christmas side dishes, pomegranates have long stood the privileged position of being held sacred in nearly every religion. That’s powerful enough … Read More


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Are you Ready? It’s time to Detox from parties, shopping, food, overindulgence, stress, and lack of sleep by shifting your focus back to nourishing foods, habits, and hydration. I’ve got your Six Step Plan and even a sample menu. Let’s get started! STEP ONE: Focus on fluids for hydration. Aim to drink an 8 ounce … Read More


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It’s SUMMERTIME! If you’re like me, the fun of summer becomes a bit more intolerable around August. The vacation bags are unpacked, school is looming, heat and humidity become a bit intolerable. Having an afternoon treat that captures the spirit of the season makes things a whole lot better, and there’s really nothing better than a … Read More


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It’s SUMMERTIME!!!..well, almost!!! In Florida, it feels like summertime nearly year round, so my family lives on cool, refreshing, and healthy smoothies! I’ve been inspired by the amazing local blueberries, which have been ripe in our area, just up the road. Recently, I had to indulge in a 5 pound box, and immediately froze half … Read More


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It’s that time of year again! I know you feel it too. The days are longer, the air is warmer, and you find yourself daydreaming for ways to indulge, relax, and treat yourself to all things good. Summertime fuels our sense that the “livin’ is good.” And if you’re a mom, you especially feel this way. … Read More


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CHOCOLATE AND MINT! Now that’s an amazing combination! Throw in a HEALTHY SUPERFOOD, and then you have the most wonderful creation ever! I was recently delighted to discover Purium’s Cocoa Mint Spirulina. If you’ve read my previous Spirulina blog, you’ll know that this blue-green algae has high levels of chlorophyll that aid in detoxification and boost your immunity. … Read More