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🍷👉🏻🍷? MOM NEEDS WINE? 🍷👈🏻🍷 Wine Mom Culture is REAL Wine Mom Culture is alive Wine Mom Culture is thriving Wine Mom Culture is the “elephant in the room” I enjoy an occasional glass of wine too, but when I spotted several items while shopping in a local boutique, each one targeted at moms’ drinking wine … Read More


#ThirstyThursday, Healthy You

WHITE AMERICAN GINSENG! What’s that? It is not a football team. It is not the latest rap song. It is not the hottest clothing line. White American Ginseng is a root that has been used in Oriental medicine for thousands of years. It is a medicinal herb, slightly bitter in its taste, and with a cooling … Read More


#ThirstyThursday, Healthy You

IT AIN’T EASY BEING GREEN!!! I might be dating myself here, but this was a quote from my childhood friend, Kermit the Frog. Admit it, you remember him too, don’t you?!?! Times have changed but the idea hasn’t. It’s hard to seek out a green lifestyle and its even harder to be surrounded by those … Read More


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It’s SUMMERTIME! If you’re like me, the fun of summer becomes a bit more intolerable around August. The vacation bags are unpacked, school is looming, heat and humidity become a bit intolerable. Having an afternoon treat that captures the spirit of the season makes things a whole lot better, and there’s really nothing better than a … Read More


#ThirstyThursday, Healthy You, Recipes, Smoothie Recipes

It’s SUMMERTIME!!!..well, almost!!! In Florida, it feels like summertime nearly year round, so my family lives on cool, refreshing, and healthy smoothies! I’ve been inspired by the amazing local blueberries, which have been ripe in our area, just up the road. Recently, I had to indulge in a 5 pound box, and immediately froze half … Read More


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If you’re like me, it’s that time of year when you see the signs of spring and summer and you become exhilarated. Strawberry fields abound, and watermelon begins to show up at the Farmer’s Market. There’s really nothing like it…Food, colors, sun, and moderate weather are in the air, and it’s downright exciting. Liberating, in … Read More