I know what you’re thinking!…How can a white potato show its face in a healthy recipe on this blog, after its high glycemic index was revealed long ago? But, think again! See that red skin? Today’s superstar is a white sweet potato! That’s right! I love this fleshy, dense potato, more subtle in sweetness and heartier like the more traditional baked white potato.

Today, this White Sweet Potato subs in for its not-so-healthy cousin, the white russet potato. Loaded with veggie chili, Southwest flavored quinoa, fresh avocado, cilantro, salsa, pumpkin seeds, then topped with vegan queso, this is a one stop meal that covers 5 of the 8 Foods You Should Eat Daily!

This is a perfect example of a fast and nutrient-filled meal that you can make on a busy weekday using a few, relatively “benign” packaged foods.

Please note EVERY FOOD on this plate has been processed, albeit minimally:
🤔 Canned Veggie Chili: Organic, BPA free can
🤔 Bagged Quinoa: Organic
🤔 Salsa: no added chemicals
🤔 Avocado, Cilantro, Onion, and White Sweet Potato: Whole Foods but picked, refrigerated and shipped
🤔 Seasonings: Organic, chopped, dried and jarred
🤔 Seeds: Raw, unsalted

** Yes, a white sweet potato is a complex carbohydrate that is loaded with nutrients and shown to decrease blood sugar levels and insulin resistance!

And, while processed foods have a very bad reputation, consider this…Unless you pick your foods straight from an organic garden, all foods are “processed” to some degree.

BUT, when you cook AT HOME, you can control:

Use a meal plan, use minimally processed foods, and pick up a few white, sweet potatoes and get cooking! Here’s your fast and easy recipe:


INGREDIENTS: Please note, there are several brand recommendations, but I am not paid for endorsing them in any way. 


  1. Using the tines of a fork, pierce each scrubbed potato in several places and place in a microwave safe dish. Cover and place in microwave with the “baked potato” setting. Check for doneness by pressing on the potato. The potato should be firm but soft enough to give to the touch of your finger. (Yes, best practices are to oven bake the potato, but this recipe is for night’s when you are “in a pinch!”). Cooking times depend on microwave and size of potatoes.
  2. Once potatoes are done, remove from microwave and keep covered on the cabinet. They will continue softening and will stay warm while you prep the other ingredients.
  3. Place bag of quinoa in a small, microwave safe dish, add approximately a tablespoon of water, cover, and microwave until the quinoa is soft and thoroughly heated through.
  4. Meanwhile, warm chili in a small saucepan, dice avocado, and chop cilantro.
  5. When ready to serve, place each potato on a plate. Slice lengthwise and push sides with fingers to “plump” the potato for its fixings.
  6. While dressing the potatoes, remove queso lid and microwave on low setting until heated through.
  7. Layer quinoa, chili, avocado, cilantro, salsa, and queso on each potato to taste. Sprinkle with pumpkin seeds and season with salt, pepper, and Mexican seasonings (chili powder, garlic powder, cumin).

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