Cue the music…“CH-CH-CHIA!!!”….C’mon! Admit it! You remember the commercial for Chia Pets! Zoom ahead several decades and suddenly you discover these cute, little, countertop plants are also now considered a superfood that should be included in your daily diet. NOT KIDDING!!! And now that we’ve set the map for nutrition, not cute pets, you’re wondering, “why a recipe for Chocolate Chia Pudding on Thirsty Thursday?!?!” Read on…

Since we’re walking back in history, it’s important to rewind to the Aztecs in which their ancient warriors used Chia seeds as a viable and treasured food source for endurance, energy, strength, and HYDRATION! Evidently these little seeds allowed warriors optimal performance in running and in battle. Happily, I’m no warrior, but I can appreciate the same benefits as an athlete and as a person, and so can you!

The modern day battlefield looks like a grocery store full of unhealthy, fast choices to mimic our fast lifestyle. Sadly, they compromise health and increase risk of chronic disease. We can learn a lot from those Aztec warriors and those currently living in Mexico and Guatemala, where this seed from the mint family originates.
Chia sees are a rich source of fiber, omega-3 healthy fats, protein, vitamins and minerals. As if that weren’t enough, they are a rich source of antioxidants and hydration. Totally nutrient dense, Chia Seeds are beneficial for overall health.
BENEFITS (from one ounce, approximately 2 rounded Tablespoons)
  1. STRONGER BONES and TEETH – With a high calcium content, chia seeds assist with bone growth.
  2. AID HYDRATION – Chia seeds absorb fluids, so they provide hydration and allow electrolytes to be absorbed.
  3. INCREASE METABOLISM/WEIGHT LOSS – Being rich in protein, these seeds allow one to feel full longer, to reduce sugar cravings, to build muscle, to burn fat, and to balance blood sugar levels.
  4. INCREASE STRENGTH, ENERGY, and ENDURANCE – Chia seeds contain high levels of zinc, which increase leptin, which regulates your appetite and energy.
  5. DISEASE PREVENTION – Studies published in the British Journal of Nutrition found that chia seeds stopped and even reversed diabetes.
  6. AID DIGESTION – According to the American Dietetic Association, one ounce of chia seeds fulfills your daily fiber requirements. This allows for effective digestive health by acting as a prebiotic. When soaked in particular, the Chia Seeds cleanse the digestive system and eliminate waste build up.
  7. IMPROVES SKIN and AGING – Chia seeds tout a 10,000 ORAC rating and according to a 2014 Study, is able to eliminate up to 70% of free radicals and oxidative stress in your body.
  8. PREVENTS INFLAMMATION, DIABETES, and HEART DISEASE – The high antioxidants of Chia Seeds minimize arterial inflammation and their healthy, fatty acids help regulate cholesterol and blood sugar.
With such overall health benefits, Chia Seeds should be included in your diet EVERYDAY. Unlike many other seeds, their health benefits are not released in being ground. Instead, soaking is the best method for incorporating these wonder seeds into your diet. Their ability to soak up liquid allows Chia Seeds to sprout, making them easier to digest and more potent to curb appetite.



6 oz  Unsweetened Almond milk

11 g (3/4 scoop) Purium’s MVP Chocolate Protein Powder or raw cocao powder

4 rounded tbsp Chia Seeds

Pinch salt

1/8 tsp cinnamon (Ceylon preferred for health purposes)

2-3 drops almond extract

1/2 – 1 TBSP (depends on desired sweetness; you’ll use more if using raw cacao) Maple syrup, Agave, or honey

1 TBSP Enjoy Life Vegan Chocolate Chips

DIRECTIONS: In a Mason Jar, combine ingredients and shake until well incorporated. Refrigerate for 3-5 hours or longer until seeds have expanded and become gelatinous. This is wonderful plain or with added oatmeal, chopped bananas, PB2 powder, or nuts. Makes a perfect breakfast or meal on the go!

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