As we head into the Holiday – and equally important running season, please take note:

Your clothes matter, especially when working out…

…And, I don’t just mean for looking your personal best, though that’s also important! Let’s dive in…but first I must clear the air right out of the gate. I am not paid to endorse any products, so this is a candid review.

There was a time when I thought all one needed was running shoes, a t-shirt, and generic athletic shorts for working out and for running. This all came to a screeching halt very rapidly when I began serious running and completed a long, 13.1 mile race with chafe marks on select places…underarms, legs, etc…It wasn’t pretty, and I realized quickly that effective workout clothes are a big part of the equation for happy and sustainable running.

I’ll admit to it, I’d always “poo-pooed” others for looking just right in their custom-fitted workout gear. “High maintenance, I’m sure,” I would exclaim. But, they had the right formula…this is complex math, people! Here it is:

Good shoes + good socks + good outfits = Successful, happy runner 




There are a few brands to which I swear, especially in inclement weather: heat and cold alike. Athleta is one of ’em! I love their pants! I can’t get enough of them! Of course, running pants come in all lengths, and for Florida winter running, I look to the capris for not overheating but staying adequately warm. Their light, breathable, wicking fabrics stretch for full, unrestricted range of movement whether lifting weights, spinning, or running. What’s more, with fitted, soft fabric and seams that follow the contours of my body, there’s no chaffing or irritation. What’s more, they stay put. There’s no easy way to put this, due to flimsy waistbands or cinched bands, many pants move into funny locations causing great distress, and that’s never a good thing when running any distance! Finally, reflective stripes and a back-zippered pocket allow for a safe early morning winter run.

Thinking of adding running pants to your Holiday wish list or giving as a special stocking stuffer for others?

Take into consideration:

  • Sweat-wicking, breathable, stretchy fabrics such as spandex, polyester, and nylon.
  • Smooth, contoured seams
  • Pocket(s) – but only in the back, where it won’t cause issues
  • Snug fit, but not restrictive (loose causes chaffing)
  • Flat, comfortable, wide waistband for looking your best and for staying put
  • Reflective bands
  • Weight of pants. Cooler temps require heavier pants or lined tights, but again stick to wicking materials.
  • Patterns/colors you can match with nearly anything
  • Flattering fit is also important!

When you feel good, you run well! This is simple. Athleta has this figured out. Look no further. Let’s shop! And with 20% extra off sale items through 12/13/15…why not buy a pair for a friend AND for yourself?