Still counting calories? Drinking a daily apple cider vinegar? Making detox soup?

These dieting fads are centuries old….not kidding! Lord Byron popularized the Apple Cider and water diet in the 1820s!

If you’re like me, you’ve been on every diet in the book, and probably even made up a few along the way. So when I saw “Rid the World of Fad Diets and Gimmicks Day,” and “Women’s Healthy Weight Day” on the calendar, I realized, it’s time to shift away from fads and learn to Eat Like A Pro. (And, yes, both are nationally recognized days!)


When you Eat Like a Pro, you stop counting calories and are focused on eating high quality nutrients all day, every day.

The goal is to get your body and cells to work correctly by giving cells the information they require to build, repair, recover, and perform all the functions that keep you alive, happy, and operating at a high frequency.

CALORIES provide energy but NUTRIENTS provide the foundation for health, happiness, and performance.

Yes, it’s true — you can’t lose weight unless you feed your body less energy than it burns, but if your diet isn’t composed of whole, nutrient-dense foods, the caloric model is completely ineffective. You may lose weight (mostly muscle), but you won’t gain health! In fact, you DO DAMAGE, both physically and emotionally.

When you are constantly in a cycle of fad and yo-yo dieting that restricts food, starves you, and makes you feel less than worthy of eating, your body and mind take a damaging hit, sometimes unseen and with lasting damage.


  1. Creates Chronic Inflammation
  2. Builds visceral body fat
  3. Slows your metabolism
  4. Creates a cyclical pattern of failure
  5. Decreases your immunity
  6. Makes you fixate on the scale, exercise, and food
  7. Builds resentment
  8. Decreases your lifespan
  9. Increases risk of disease
  10. Makes you angry, resentful, and depressed

When you Eat Like A Pro, you work around at least Ten Healthy Actions.

  1. Eat real, whole plant-based foods throughout the day
  2. Focus on high-nutrient foods, rich in vitamins, minerals, fiber, and antioxidants
  3. Include healthy protein and fat with each meal/snack
  4. Eat breakfast
  5. Eat with inclusiveness (not deprivation)
  6. Use a plan with meal prep for the day and the week (I’ve attached a freebie for you to enjoy!)
  7. Supplement to round out the deficits
  8. Eat seasonally and regionally appropriate foods
  9. Read labels (or better yet, buy no labels!)
  10. Realize nutritional needs change and adjust accordingly

Love the idea of ditching the fads and Eating Like a Pro with a weekly meal plan? When you work with me, one of the added perks is having a weekly, plant-based family meal plan, complete with recipes and a grocery list. These meal plans help you to stay on track with a sustainable, healthy lifestyle all year long!

Check out a sneak peek of one of my favorite meal plans that is Keto friendly AND uses an Instant for each meal! Totally fast and easy! I hope you enjoy this freebie.



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