You’ve set a health goal, and now you are about to become one of two people:

  1. DETERMINED: your head is still in the game for reaching your  goal
  2. DISCOURAGED: your New Year’s Resolution fizzled in the first week.

The stats back me on this one, particularly with New Year’s goals!

  A little more than half of Americans make New Year’s resolutions, but only 8 percent succeed in meeting their goals. It gets worse, many goal setters will ditch their vows by the end of January! And wouldn’t you know that most of those vows were to lose weight and/or get healthy!

WOW! That’s depressing!

The number one goal killers: SLEEP and UNREASONABLE GOAL SETTING! Alone, these two variables can be unsurmountable, but when combined, they are they deadly duo!

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), an estimated 50–70 million adults in the United States have chronic sleep and wakefulness disorders!  This substantiates our statistics. With approximately 161 million adults in our Country making resolutions, it makes sense that roughly 30 % have dropped off completely by January 31, after all 30% of our population is sleep deprived.

I’ve already written a blog on goal setting. You get it…use visualization techniques, with three easy steps: Picture your goal, create exact actions, and keep it in writing. Been there, done that. We already know how to pick and focus on a SMART reasonable goal, one that is Specific, Measureable, Achieveable, Relevant, and Time Bound, so today’s focus is different.

Don’t become a statistic of the many, who will be throwing their resolution to the wayside due to sleep deprivation. Instead, gather the power to pursue your goal…JUST GET MORE SLEEP!

When you lack sleep, self-control flies out the window, so does your energy, focus, emotional balance, and good decision-making. No need for third party stats to back me up, I can vouch for this! My marathon training and eating most definitely suffer when I lack sleep. It’s not rocket science…sleep matters, but what most underestimate is the strong relationship of lifestyle habits and diet in creating effective sleep patterns.

A recent, 2016 study showed that irregular sleep patterns disrupt your gut microbiome, the “quarterback” of your body. Your gut has so much control over your the health of your body that it’s referred to as the ‘second brain,” so when gut microbiome is compromised, so too is your immunity, weightloss, energy, hormones, mood, thought processes, and sleep! How can New Year’s goals be met when all systems are dysfunctional?

It’s a basic chain reaction…Stress and exhaustion make you weak and causes overeating, since it alters appetite hormones, ghrelin and leptin. With sleep deprivation, the hunger hormone, gherlin increases while leptin, the hormone that tell you to stop eating, goes down. The punchline?…You want to eat the wallpaper off the wall! And, sadly, when your body is sleep deprived, it oddly doesn’t seek the healthiest of foods, rather your cells want calorie-rich, sugary foods. Not a great formula for health! These acid forming foods alter your gut microbiome and the cycle of poor sleep and health is created. This is the recipe for killing goals!

Want to be one of the 8%, who are successful in their goals?

Make sleep a priority! Aim for 7 hours of nightly sleep, with a solid bedtime routine both to prevent overeating and to recover by breaking the cycle of mindless eating, driven by hormones and microbiome that are out of whack!

When you’re tired, you feel justified to make poor choices that provide instant gratification. One poor choice leads to another small bad decision. Before you know it, your healthy goal is completely derailed all in the name of a quick, feel good solution.


  2. CREATE A BEDTIME RITUAL…limit TV, dim the lights, warm shower..have a transition.
  3. STICK TO A HEALTHY DIET…YOU’RE IN THE RIGHT PLACE FOR THAT! Core three nutrition with clean eating is your daily insurance policy for health.
  4. HAVE PHYSICAL ACTIVITY EVERY DAY, even if only 10-20 minutes.
  5. CREATE A SLEEPING NIRVANA: cool dark room, comfy sheets, no work in the room (consider ditching the TV too!)

And in true New Year’s Resolution form, if you are feeling overwhelmed, be more effective by choosing just ONE of the above to implement fully towards a more rested you and towards accomplishing your bigger annal goal!

…Must RUN…I’m setting my alarm to commence tonight’s bedtime ritual! And you should too!

Increasing melatonin and getting more sleep is a foundational piece in my Move Back Into Your Body Programs. Are you ready for better sleep and meeting your goals in the New Year? Schedule your free consultation today to map out your goals and a plan to reach them!