Transition into Food and Body Confidence for LIFE.

You diet, count calories, use willpower, get frustrated, and give up!
You feel defeated, because life demands a lot.
So, you eat- and have a glass of wine… or two.
The stress builds… again.
So, you repeat the cycle, time and time over.

I am here to help you.

Elite Health 365 is the answer for women who are tired of dieting, tired of drama, tired of feeling defeated, and tired of feeling alone in the overwhelming battle of finding health, along with confidence, happiness, and empowerment.

How do I know if this is right for me?

If you are looking for practical solutions to upgrade your health and your life, break the dieting cycle, and feel confidently fit and healthy 365 days of the year, you are in the right place. This group is the ideal solution for busy, professional women who want support; both emotionally and physically. As a community, you will receive support, resources, meal plans, workouts, and inspiration all year long. Your membership will encourage you to lead your authentic life and to use health and fitness as a platform to be an empowered and unstoppable force.

No more guesswork, feeling alone without guidance, or emotional rollercoasters… you’ll always have a place to find answers, support, and confidence.

  • Tired of overeating?   We will explore your belief systems that might be sabotaging your work.
  • No time to exercise?   We will help you consider how thought patterns are guiding you to think there’s no time.
  • “I’ll never be thin!”   We will look at the reasons why your brain resists this option.
  • AND…   you will have a community of women that relate to and understand your obstacles.

How does the membership work?

As a Founding Member, you will have unlimited access to a private membership page with previous program modules and resources. Elite Health 365 Membership will support your ongoing progress with monthly information and programs that you can use at your own pace.

  • The Founding Members’ Price is $27 to join, and this price will always be locked in; even with other members’ price increases.
  • Then, you may choose to pay monthly ($27 per month) or annually ($216 with 4 months free!).

What’s included in my membership?

  • Weekly plant-based meal plans (these free, public plans will be available only to my membership group starting June 5)
  • Annual Platejoy membership (weekly custom meal plans and grocery lists) to the first 18 Founding members
  • Monthly Zoom circle, provided only to our community for support and group health coaching.
  • Direct member input for content and training
  • Free Guides (these will be added to routinely)
    • Gut Health Guide
    • Food Label Reading Guide
    • Immune Boosting Guide
    • Running Guide
    • Beat the Stress Guide
  • Exclusive Health Checklists
  • Webinar Courses with special guests (Physical therapy, running and fitness, nutrition, well being)
  • Private FB page for daily support