We are all looking for the “MAGIC GENIE,” the “quick fix” to get fit, healthy, energized, and happy.

Sadly, there’s no rapid recovery for a lifetime of choices. Yet, we all want weight loss…YESTERDAY!…And as a 50 year old Mom, I totally get it! For most, weight loss cannot come off fast enough! And your metabolism holds a HUGE KEY!

Yep, your metabolism is like a speedometer that controls the rate your body burns energy.
And yet, your metabolism is not an organ but actually a complex PROCESS enabling your body to convert food into energy through a series of chemical reactions inside your cells. Your own metabolic burn depends on many things. Some are outside your control … like genetics and gender. But the great news is that you have control over a LOT of the other factors … like your activity level, sleep and even how stressed you feel!

Like I’ve always said, “Get empowered around what you CAN CONTROL!”

Good News! There are at least five simple variables that allow you to stake your claim to a life of wellness by balancing the microbiome in your gut and by firing up your metabolism. It’s the “ONE-TWO PUNCH” for those who are battling hormones, inflammation, and metabolism…all the hallmarks of those of us in mid-life.


Unbelievably, you have about 100 trillion microbes living in your gut right now. And there are about 1,000 different species of known gut bacteria. This will blow your mind, but if you were to weigh all the bacteria in your gut, they would weigh over FOUR POUNDS! SERIOUSLY!

Understand that some of these bacteria are your personal army of helpers, digesting your food, making energy, supporting metabolism, and keeping your immune system strong. They’re the “good guys!”

On the flip side, some gut bacteria are not-so-good, linked with digestive upset, inflammation, obesity, and even conditions like cardiovascular disease, diabetes, and asthma, and obesity. They’re the “bad guys” that we want to decrease or even get rid of completely!

Now don’t misunderstand! I’m not saying you have “skinny bacteria,” but your gut microbiome do play a HUGE role in regulating metabolism, nutrient absorption, and your weight too!

As you can imagine, you want to make sure your gut stays in balance, with more of the good guys than the bad guys to fire up your metabolism, weight loss, and health.

YOU have the power to do just that with your food and lifestyle choices! And I’ve come to understand, there are four general actions you can control that directly influence your gut microbiome, your metabolism and weight, and therefore your long term health. 

And with consistently engaging in these four actions EVERYDAY, you are on your way to a lifetime of health!

It’s all about Balance and making progress every single day!


  • EXERCISE CONSISTENTLYNearly all workouts can help you burn more calories, but strength training and high-intensity interval training workouts can give you some bonus burn after your workout is over. That said, the amount and type of exercise is largely driven by your goal. While genetics will cause exercise to have a greater effect for some women and less in others, at a certain intensity, your workout can overpower a genetic predisposition to fat. And with consistent daily exercise, your body begins to make noticeable and permanent changes, both tangibly and behind the scenes by releasing adiponectin (your skinny hormone), growth hormone, adrenaline and testosterone…all great for weight loss. What’s more, exercise increases your body’s sensitivity to insulin.  Bottom line? Just get active, because while a 45 minute workout is great, if you sit the rest of the day, you can only benefit to some degree. Exercise can add up fast. Get active all day (stand up, take a walk, ride a bike, or climb the stairs at work to boost your mood, metabolism, and to improve weight loss!
  • HYDRATE ALL DAY– It’s no surprise that individuals, who drink more water, experience greater weight loss. But also studies have shown that drinking 17 ounces (0.5 liters) of water increases resting metabolism by 10–30% for about an hour! Huge WIN! Drink water..save calories and boost metabolism! (Don’t you just love free and easy tips!?) Drink 50-70% of your body weight in fluid ounces of lemon water. The addition of lemon in your water allows you to flush toxins, to lose weight, to boost immunity, to aid digestion, to make your skin beautiful, and to give you natural energy! Think of it this way, you are at least 60% water, so it just makes sense that your cells need hydration to work effectively…even for better cognitive processing!
  • EAT CLEAN– I’ve written several blogs on this topic, and what I find most revealing and incredibly inspiring is that wellness is 80% what you eat, and only 20% exercise. If you’ve already read this far, then you realize the math matters…Exercise doesn’t actually burn that many calories, yet we know the discrepancy of QUALITY caloric intake versus calories burned supports weight loss. But the calorie deficit model leads to silly practices such as skipping meals and eating “sugar-free” foods. Never a good idea!!! Instead, omitting sugar and processed foods while adding fiber filled plants (beans, whole grains, veggies, fruit, nuts, seeds) and fermented foods allow your gut to get healthy and support your cells to function correctly. With these types of food, metabolism improves and triggers the right chemicals, specifically leptin, to suppress appetite and to trigger your “full” alarm! Eating clean gets your gut healthy, gives your energy, and allows your body to burn fat. With clean eating, your body begins to function properly!
    • ALSO, ADD HEALTHY FATS – I’m predicting you didn’t see that one coming, and I’m guessing you are fearful of trying this approach. Let’s start with this…Not all fats were created equally! Medium-chain fats are your new “go to!” But, I’m not talking about eating more animal protein; please think plant-based, such as coconut oil. In one study, researchers found that medium-chain fats increased metabolism by 12% compared to long-chain fats, which raised it by just 4%!
  • GET MORE QUALITY SLEEP – This is likely the most neglected area of health. I can lower the boom on this, because I’m also one who struggles with making myself get sufficient sleep. Despite my exercise and clean eating, when I’m sleep deprived, my running suffers and my fat stores increase, especially in the dreaded mid-section. The National Sleep Foundation (NSF) recommends at least 7 hours minimum for adults!  If you’re not reaching your health goals, it’s time to implement pre-bed practices for ideal sleep and to hit your pillow earlier in the evening. What’s more, I recommend 1-2 Tablespoons of concentrated Apothe Tart Cherry juice nightly. This provides a natural source of melatonin to allow for a deep sleep, and it provides an anti-inflammatory and anti-oxidant for reducing oxidative stress and free radicals that lead to disease.  Sleep matters!

Here’s the best and surprising part…When you get all four of these variables working together,  your gut bacteria is balanced, your metabolism revs up, you lose weight, your skin improves with a beautiful glow, your health improves, and you’re even happier with total confidence!

I challenge you to incorporate at least one or two of the four actions and to look for holes in your routine…EXERCISE? HYDRATION? EATING CLEAN? SLEEP? We all have our weaknesses, and if your goals aren’t meeting with success, it’s time to work in one of these areas!

In my Coaching Programs, I help you to create balance in your life and how to incorporate quality nutrients into your daily life for weightloss, energy, happiness, and health. Are you ready?