We are all looking for the “MAGIC GENIE,” the “quick fix” to get fit, healthy, energized, and happy. Sadly, there’s no rapid recovery for a lifetime of choices. BUT,  I’ve come to realize there are four simple variables that allow you to stake your claim to a life of wellness, and with consistently engaging in these four practices EVERYDAY, you are on your way to a lifetime of health!…It’s all about Balance and making progress every single day!



  • HYDRATE – Drink 50-70% of your body weight in fluid ounces of lemon water. The addition of lemon in your water allows you to flush toxins, to lose weight, to boost immunity, to aid digestion, to make your skin beautiful, and to give you natural energy! Think of it this way, you are at least 60% water, so it just makes sense that your cells need hydration to work effectively…even for better cognitive processing!


  • EAT CLEANI’ve written several blogs on this topic, and what I find most revealing and incredibly inspiring is that wellness is 80% what you eat, and only 20% exercise. If you’ve already read this far, then you realize the math matters…Exercise doesn’t actually burn that many calories, yet we know the discrepancy of QUALITY caloric intake versus calories burned supports weight loss. But the calorie deficit model leads to silly practices such as skipping meals and eating “sugar-free” foods. Never a good idea!!! Instead, eating nutrient dense foods in moderate portions allows your cells to function correctly, improves your metabolism, and triggers the right chemicals, specifically leptin, to suppress appetite and to trigger your “full” alarm! Eating clean gets your gut healthy, gives your energy, and allows your body to burn fat. With clean eating, your body begins to function properly!


I challenge you to look at all four domains and to look for holes in your routine…EXERCISE? HYDRATION? EATING CLEAN? SLEEP? We all have our weaknesses, and if your goals aren’t meeting with success, it’s time to work in one of these areas!

In my Coaching Programs, I help you to create balance in your life and how to incorporate quality nutrients into your daily life for weightloss, energy, happiness, and health. Are you ready?