All too frequently, we get confused.

The weekend comes and goes, drinks and pizza were consumed, and probably even a special trip to the Ice Cream shop with the kiddos. Monday hits, and it hits hard. Your feet hit the floor on a new week, feeling resolute that “things must change.”

The above has all the “tell tale” signs of the DIET CYCLE…CONSUME, REGRET, GUILT, PUNISH (exercise), IMPOSSIBLE GOAL SETTING, FAILURE, REPEAT!!!! …But it doesn’t have to be this way, and it shouldn’t! To break the cycle, you must first adopt self-forgiveness and then work to create a life balance for sustainable happiness and wellness.

Why not get on board with the journey of a healthy lifestyle? It’s time to ditch the short term fixes and get inspired to change your life! We work in extremes rather than balance, finish lines versus continuous endeavors, guilt instead of forgiveness, fear instead of love.

All of these primary, intangible feelings of fear, extremes, and perfection drive our unhealthy relationship with food and drink. When life is “out of whack” and our self-image is “off,” attempts to live healthfully are impossible and DIET rules the day! Instead, it’s time to look within and to embrace healthfulness as a lifelong journey driven by self-love, forgiveness, and balance.

Let’s engage in a thought experiment… Think about when you were a child, how many times did you forget to eat because your time was HAPPILY consumed playing with a friend? Your only reason for eating was the parental unit requiring you to pull up to the lunch table for a meal, and all you could think about was how quickly you could eat the minimal amount of food, so you and your bestie could return to fun! This is the perfect example of balance and nourishing your soul with connected relationships, exercise, and self-love while actual foods (the sandwich and apple) were an afterthought…and the occasional cookie was enjoyed, not eaten from a place of guilt!

When you nourish your soul, a life of health surely follows. We lose this ability as adults when life gets confusing. As a result, relationships suffer, fitness is nonexistent, spirituality is minimal, self-punishment dominates, and careers rule the day- either in time or in emotions. Change is required…but it’s hard!

The problem with change is it can feel overwhelming, especially when it comes to our health. Why? Because our wellness is both a complex and simplistic scenario involving external and internal processes. And when you really drill down to it, that’s the equation for a healthy life…

Internal and external influence must merge synergistically to become ONE

When these two are not aligned, your whole world is out of whack, food cravings soon follow, poor habits develop, stress increases, sleep decreases, weight gain follows, and before you know it, you are a walking zombie…holding a Starbucks coffee cup and Tylenol Extra Strength each morning. The diet cycle is in full force! It might feel like you need a small army to make changes and to get your health back on course! Instead, it’s time to look within!


It’s time to embrace a NEW JOURNEY of wellness centered on self-love, spiritual healing, relationship fulfillment, self-forgiveness, and daily exercise. Food is simply a secondary medium to nurture our bodies and to enrich our lives. Imagine awakening daily and loving yourself enough that you demand only the best relationships, career, spiritual fulfillment, exercise, and “yes” nutrition too!…Embracing this philosophy of self-love is a pre-requisite for a lifetime of wellness, and from this, the steps for Healthy Living can be implemented. You deserve the best!…Would you really have it any other way?


  1. SLEEP WELL: Implement a nighttime ritual (warm bath, cut off TV, soft music, Purium’s concentrated Apothe Cherry** for melatonin). According to True Stress Management, there’s a significant correlation between sleep, stress, and mood. Building predictable, healthy routines start with effective sleep!
  2. LOWER STRESS: Use meditation, movement, breathing, incorporating adaptogen foods (Ginseng, rosemary, goji berries, aloe vera, holy basil). I recommend Dr. Weil’s easy 4-7-8 breathing exercise several times daily and incorporating Purium’s Super Life Formula** for hormonal support and to decrease chronic stress and adrenal fatigue.
  3. EXERCISE DAILY: Find what works for you (biking, running, yoga, walking, etc…) and practice this at least 5 times weekly. According to the American Heart Association, daily physical activity boosts physical and mental wellness in addition to prolonging your life!
  4. DRINK WATER: Consume at least 50%- 70% of your body weight in fluid ounces daily. Water makes up at least 60% of your body with each cell, every tissue and organ depending on water to work properly, so it makes sense to drink water daily. Your body requires daily water for temperature regulation, for detoxing, for digestion and lubrication – as well as for beautiful skin!
  5. CONNECT: Make time to have direct contact with a friend, neighbor, or family member several times weekly. According to Harvard Medical School, being connected socially does more than provide a fun outlet, they also influence your health and longevity. Studies correlate happiness and health with effective relationships. And the reverse is also true. Studies substantiate that those with no social connections had a higher rate of depression and increased risk of death.
  6. ADOPT A HEALTHY MINDSET: Aim for eating clean 80% of the time by planning for weekly or daily deliberate deviations in your diet to include the things you cannot live without and/or crave. Eat with the philosophy that your are nourishing and loving your body,…including the “less healthy foods.” When this is practiced, there’s no guilt, only love and self-forgiveness, with the idea that afterwards, you will get right back on board (see below)!
  7. FORGIVE YOURSELF for less than healthy choices and move on! You would never throw down your cell phone, with a small crack in the screen, and stomp on it until it’s completely broken, so why stop your healthy lifestyle after making a few poor choices? Instead, allow yourself the ability to make mistakes and then get going again with a new, healthy day.

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