You’ve heard of a FOAM ROLLER? It’s the latest rage! Long before its popularity, I was introduced to BODY ROLLING, by my good friend, Karen Galliano…only with a ball, and with a larger range of purpose. Aimed at healing, wellness, and injury prevention, it also supports your goal of “getting in shape.” Here’s why.

Body Rolling integrates a series of routines that use a 4 to 10 inch inflatable ball to stretch muscles, to increase blood flow, and to promote overall healing. You know I’m all about total body wellness! Body Rolling tones, strengthens and works out all kinds of body problems. For me, it provides major relief from tight hamstring and hip muscles, two areas that are very hard to loosen up in the deep tissues. I love that it also requires some degree of balance and engages your whole body…an easy core workout.

There are a series of “rollouts” from which to choose, but my two all-time favs, because they target our much used legs, are the following:

  • HAMSTRING and CALVES: Starting in the glute (bottom) area, sit on the ball, pushing your weight into the ball and balance your body with your hands and opposing leg for support. With one leg stretched out in front of your body, slowly roll your body backward, allowing the ball to sit and push into the hamstring muscles as you roll your body along the ball and down to your calf muscle. Roll the ball from side to side, in a small, circular fashion for extra release and to target the whole muscle. Deeply breath in and out as muscle tension releases. Once you have reached your ankle, reverse and roll your body backward, allowing the ball to roll back up your leg, returning to the glutle area. Repeat on other leg.
  • HIPS, GLUTES, and KNEES: (shown above, in featured image) Lie on your right side with the ball under your hip, left leg crossed in front and foot pushing into the floor (or for added challenge, with both legs stretched out straight). With weight and support on your right forearm, and opposite, left hand pushing into the floor, roll down side of leg starting from your glute and down to your knee, stopping when you find a tender point. Slowly roll the ball in a circular motion when you encounter a tight place. Roll back up leg, returning to glute area. Switch sides.

Give Body Rolling a try, and you’ll see a difference in:

  • Increased muscle length and tone
  • Improved alignment
  • Increased circulation
  • Core strength
  • Increases body awareness
  • Relaxes the nervous system

Body rolling also stimulates organs, increases metabolism, and improves breathing, and because it is weight-bearing, body rolling works the muscle’s entire length, stimulating the whole area, and effectively releasing stress from body tissues. And for most of us, that’s desperately needed! Get rolling!

Body rolling works most effectively in combination with an anti-inflammatory diet! Contact me to get started and to save $50 on your Reboot Program.