It’s HALLOWEEN!…and you’re SCARED!…VERY SCARED. But, I know the fear. and it doesn’t root from goblins and witches. Rather, today is a frightful mess for many as you navigate your day through piles of candy, pumpkin lattes, and donuts with fall sprinkles. The challenge is real! For many, getting through the day, from start to finish can be like feeling your way through the dark Spook House. You don’t know where it’s going, what will surprise you – throw you off track and make you fall victim, and where it’s going to end. There’s really no plan in a Spook House. That’s part of the experience. But, it doesn’t have to be this way for your staying on course, even through this sweetly celebrated Holiday, nor for those to come. This really just kicks off the two month “sweet fest” that is sure to follow!

Let’s be honest. without a thoughtful plan, you are sure to pack on an added 2-3 pounds tonight without a thoughtful plan. Imagine waking up tomorrow and still feeling lean with energy and motivation to exercise! All it takes is one or two totally derailed days of nutrient before you are completely off track and heaving around 5-10 extra pounds by Christmas. And it’s not just the added weight, a diet rich in sugar, simple carbs, and acid forming foods creates an unhealthy gut, poor complexion, little energy, poor sleep and increases your risk of chronic disease.

Use my Halloween Survival Guide and stay on track tonight!

Here’s your 5 step guide to a successful Halloween of staying on track with your nutritional priorities intact.

  1. HYDRATE.  Many times hydration masks itself as hunger cues. So drink a glass of water first to make sure you are not just eating candy and sweets from a place of hydration! Also, carrying a bottle of lemon water (squeeze in fresh lemon) will allow you to engage your hands and mind so you’re not as tempted to grab the candy. What’s more, drinking water suppresses your appetite, keeps you feeling full, and helps to flush toxins (that inevitably come with these festive treats)!
  2. CHECK IN WITH YOUR BODY to eat mindfully and not out of boredom, stress, or other emotions! Shallow breathing, a clenched jaw or fists, simple anxiety, discomfort, and restlessness are all signs that feelings and emotions are driving your actions. Breath deeply, identify the circumstance surrounding your emotion, and plan to address the issue asap. Eating (or drinking) out of emotion never ends well.
  3. EAT REAL NUTRIENTS INCLUDING FIBER AND PROTEIN Protein keeps your body satiated, assists with curbing hunger, builds lean muscle tissue, and stabilizes blood sugar levels, not to mention that it improves your cognitive functioning and mood! Great protein sources include: Purium’s Power Shake, Purium’s Super Aminos, almonds, cottage cheese, eggs, flax/chia seeds, lentils/beans, amaranth, broccoli, fermented/organic soy products, quinoa, and kale to name a few.
  4. EAT TREATS, NOT CANDY MEALS! The Holiday fare is just that…a special treat. It’s not a hidden meal to be eaten throughout the day by scarfing down at your desk, in the car, or while walking around tonight with the kiddos. Instead, practice mindful eating by deciding what treat(s) to include, how much you will indulge, when, and where….and stick to it!
  5. BRUSH YOUR TEETH. Before you head out tonight, brush you teeth, drink a peppermint tea, and/or carry a pack of mint gum. Believe it or not, this awesome plant helps to keep your appetite in check, and this simple step can preclude your indulging in too many sweets!
  6. EXERCISE. Even if you can only fit in a Ten Minute High Intensity Interval Training workout, the added physical activity provides a physical cue for staying on track AND it revs up your fat burning power and metabolism to combat added calories. A recent study from the British Journal of Sports Medicine found that those who added high intensity intervals to their workout experienced 28% more fat loss than those who only performed moderate intensity workouts.

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