Tired of drinking water ? Invited to meet friends for coffee? Thirsty and craving a “pick me up?” GO TO STARBUCKS! That’s right…you heard me correctly, that coffee shop on nearly every corner and well mapped out to orchestrate your errands! Don’t pretend you are unfamiliar with this routine!

My newest find this week is Evolution Fresh, Sweet Greens with Lemon Juice at said coffee shop…Starbucks! Skip the coffee and line up for the best juice you’ve ever had! Now before you think I was paid to write this review, think again! This is my candid review, and it’s worth the read but more importantly it’s worth trying! Evolution Fresh is chock full of alkalized cold-pressed vegetables. My Sweet Greens with Lemon included: celery, apple, cucumber, spinach, romaine lettuce, kale, lime, lemon, and parsley. WOW! That’s nine fruits and vegetables, at least five of which are on the list of most alkalized, which is great to balance your pH level for proper body functions. The mix of veggies with undertones of lemon and cucumber was both refreshing and filling, which is perfect for a warm, Florida afternoon!

With only pure ingredients, non-GMO, cold-pressed, and nothing processed, this is a dream come true. As if that weren’t enough, then I came to realize Evolution Fresh has a whole website dedicated to helping you to select the flavor most suited to your tastes as well as recipes to support your healthy lifestyle. Okay, I’ll admit I DID find they also have cocktail creations using these clean, fresh juices! Who doesn’t like an afternoon cocktail that sneaks in a bit of health too? Take their quiz, identify your flavor, and enjoy…

You can still meet your friends for coffee and treat yourself to a special drink. Try Evolution Fresh Juice and your body will thank you later!