BBQ’s, fireworks, beaches, and fun…It’s what America does all summer long, and especially on the Fourth of July to celebrate our Country’s birthday. Is it really any big surprise that our Independence Day festivities includes 74 million BBQ’s, 155 million hotdogs, and about 68 million cases of beer? We spend more than $1.6 billion on July Fourth beer and wine!

Add to that, according to the National Highway Traffic Safety Association, 40 percent of all highway deaths between 2007 and 2011 were caused by drunk driving over the Fourth of July weekend! WOW!

I’m all about a fun party, but that’s a whole lot of unhealthfulness in ONE DAY! Why not choose just one healthier summer party drink, plan to feel good the next day, and be assured of a safe evening too?

If you are looking for a healthier Summer Party Drink,  🍹🍸🍺🍷🥂🥃🍾, get ready to be surprised! Save this guide to your phone and enjoy…just 1 drink!

KOMBUCHA is loaded with enzymes, antioxidants, probiotics, and electrolytes.

WINE SPRITZER saves you calories and carries a few vitamins and antioxidants when you add fresh fruit.

COCONUT WATER + BERRY FLAVORED VODKA is super for hydration and coconut water provides added heart health as well as fiber to help stabilize blood sugar levels.

TEQUILA + CLUB SODA + CITRUS gives a boost of vitamin C and unbelievably the tequila contains agavins, or natural sugars from agave that act like dietary fiber to help maintain glucose levels and to increase insulin production.

MINT + LIME + CLUB SODA + RUM makes a lower calorie drink with lots of refreshment. Go easy on the sugar by opting for a small squeeze of honey or agave.

BITTERS + CLUB SODA help to block the receptors for hunger and sugar cravings due to the bitters. This magic elixir (bitters) allows you absorb nutrients more effectively and helps to block the excitatory receptors in your brain.

CHAMPAGNE provides a kick of antioxidants and comes in under 100 calories! It’s not just for New Years!

I hope you will share this post! Let’s get on board with healthy and safe summer fun!