The holidays should be filled with delicious food, so I’ve pulled together my favorite plant-based side dishes for the season. Each of these dishes is tasty, healthy, and comes together quickly. You’re sure to find the perfect fall snack, standalone meal, or side dish to complement your favorite turkey recipe.

Soups & Sides

Breakfast & Snacks


stay healthy this season

Speaking of planning ahead: According to most reports, the average American gains 8 pounds over the holiday period. And while some gain more and others less, a March 2000 study in the Journal of New England Medicine found that most gain at least one pound. Just one extra Holiday pound added with weight gained in the sugar “off season” can add up to more than a 10-pound weight gain over the next decade!

You have two opportunities to stay healthy before the Season of Sweets fully kicks in:

1. Take part in my Move Back Into Your Body Program, starting on Monday, November 26 — right after Thanksgiving.

2. Join my annual Holiday Accountability Group to stay on track, be accountable, and connect with other health-conscious participants. You might even win one of our free giveaways, including these and more:

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My Holiday Accountability Group runs from December 1 – December 31, giving you added support to get through the holiday season. You might even lose weight. It happened last year!

karen pacer kristen holiday accountability program

Karen lost 4 pounds last December — yes, she lost weight during the holiday season! How did she do it?

Karen participated in my 2017 Holiday Accountability Group, which was centered on Ten Daily Healthy Habits, and she continues to exercise daily. Check out her full story and testimonial and get inspired!

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