Thinking back on my own health journey, I have long been driven by an ongoing quest to Eat Like a Pro, to eat in an optimal way, just as an expert athlete would. After all, as a marathon runner and pacer, I trained hard, but my lack of significant progress frustrated me greatly. I intuitively knew there must be something nutritionally I could do to improve. But, this ran contrary to the traditional “run to eat whatever I want” mentality. And, I had long sought a lean, muscular build, but Diet Coke, pretzels, and calorie counting just weren’t doing the trick!

This should sound familiar! According to Boston Medical Center, 45 millions Americans go on a diet each year, yet approximately 70% (or 2/3 of the population) are overweight or obese. Add to that stat, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) at least 50% of Americans suffer from at least one chronic disease such as diabetes, heart disease, or an autoimmune disorder! Our world is full of hurt and disease, and we are all obviously looking for the solution!

With 45 million people engaged in diets, mostly still centered on caloric deficits advising to cut 500 daily calories, it certainly makes you wonder why we aren’t all slim and fit! It’s the same thing that resonated in my daily existence…I’m eating few calories but not losing weight and feeling fatigued! It’s the million dollar question, and I’m willing to bet you are thinking the same thing!

The thought lingered…”How Could I Eat Like a Pro to Stay Fit and Lean?” 

And that’s where our real work begins! A pro knows how to eat for energy, for health, for weight loss, and for performance, and a pro knows it’s not all about counting calories. Even though there’s no perfect model and no “one size fits all” for a day of healthy eating, there most definitely is a template that hits all of these targets to perform optimally…as a person, as a parent or spouse, in your career, and in your fitness endeavors.

That’s great news!….

The variables are basically the same when you eat for ideal health and performance,

and it’s not just about counting calories!

If you are calculating calories for weight loss, consider this…

🍦 There are 3500 calories in one pound.🍨
🍰  If you eat a just 20 extra calories daily, you will eat an additional 7,300 calories annually. 🍪
🍩 That’s a 2 pound gain each year..20 pounds in 10 years!🍭

Eugene Dubois’ 1927 textbook on metabolism, notes that one must stay within an 8% increase (only 20 calories!!!) in daily caloric intake to maintain weight. And so, as shown above, a daily gain of JUST 20 calories will yield a 20 pound gain in 10 years! (20 calories x 365 days x10 years)/3500 calories = 20 pounds! This is to say that you must stay within the limit of not eating more than 20 extra calories daily! Are you up for that? I’m not really even sure how to stay within that limit, and I’m guessing you don’t either! A health novice counts calories!

It’s time to ditch the Calories In/Calories Out model!

Are you a Health Novice, who still simply Counts Calories!

How can this approach possibly be a valid one to lose weight and to stay healthy? Just easy logic would tell you that with 45 million dieters cutting 500 daily calories should yield a healthy population if the deficit model worked! Of course, we are also assuming that all calories were created equally, yet it doesn’t take a degree in physics to know that this is not the case. Were it true, we could all eat 5- 2 oz Snickers Candy Bars and copious Diet Cokes daily to be healthy and even to lose weight! Heck, I could eat even more with running my daily 6-10 miles! WOW! But, it’s just not true. I’m know firsthand! I still recall many days of longing for food but practicing extreme willpower and still gaining weight!

The formula here is simple…



It’s time to shift your paradigm to Eating Like A Pro for health, energy, happiness, weightloss, and performance! When you Eat Like a Pro, you are focused on eating high quality nutrients throughout the day, everyday – with no finish line! It’s all about getting our bodies and cells to work correctly by giving cells the information they require to build, repair, recover, and all of the other functions required to keep you alive, happy, and operating at a high frequency! Calories give energy, but nutrients provide the foundation of health, happiness, and performance!

When you Eat Like A Pro, you are eating real, whole foods, rich in vegetables, some fruit, clean protein (for example pasture raised beef or chicken/wild salmon), healthy fats (for example coconut oil, almonds/walnuts, flax seeds, avocado, moderate amounts of pasture raised animal protein), and some whole grains throughout the day. Eating these  Yes, it’s true that you can’t lose weight unless you feed your body less energy than it burns, but if the your diet is not composed of whole, real, nutrient-dense foods, the caloric model is completely ineffective, and while you may lose weight (mostly muscle), you won’t gain health!

When you Eat Like A Pro, you work around at least Ten Healthy Actions:

  1. Eat real, whole plant-based foods throughout the day
  2. Focus on high-nutrient foods, rich in vitamins, minerals, fiber, and antioxidants
  3. Include healthy protein and fat with each meal/snack
  4. Eat breakfast
  5. Eat with Inclusiveness (not deprivation)
  6. Use a plan with meal prep for the day and the week
  7. Supplement to round out the deficits
  8. Eat seasonally and regionally appropriate foods
  9. Read labels
  10. Realize nutritional needs change and adjust accordingly

…I would include hydration too, but I realize you cannot EAT water! Even still aim for 50-70% of your body weight in fluid ounces of daily water!

Your food and its quality matters, because it modulates hormones, fat storage, and your health!

These actions are a tall order. It takes work to adopt all ten principles for Eating Like a Pro, and, it doesn’t happen overnight! In my Reboot Programs, I guide you to create a rhythm of daily nutrients using whole, real foods and the tenets of Eating Like A Pro, specifically by creating a solid base of daily nutrients within the rhythm of a daily plant-based lifestyle. Average weight loss is 11.8 pounds, average energy gain…IMMEASURABLE! Get started today with your free health coaching consultation!