You are concerned about weight loss, but what about cellular health and longevity? It’s time to start asking the right question!

Everyone wants to look amazing with a svelte body, glowing skin, and brilliant energy. But it’s time to STOP asking about weight loss and it’s time to START asking the right question.

What’s the best way to stay healthy and decrease cellular aging?

Let’s face the truth, we all have an expiration date. It’s determined by your diet, your lifestyle, and your genes. But, you are in control of both your diet, your lifestyle, and to some degree you can persuade your genes to behave, so long as you speak their language with a quality, plant-based diet and a healthy and balanced lifestyle. In so doing, your health improves, you lose weight, and you decrease cellular aging. But, the inverse is not necessarily true. Just because you lose weight doesn’t necessarily mean your gut is healthy nor that your cells are thriving.

It starts with diet, and the answer most definitely is well founded on a green diet. That’s right, you have the ability to influence cellular health and longevity according to your diet and lifestyle. You already have the “prescription” to a long life, and it’s at your local grocer!

According to a study in Experimental Biology, JUST ONE SERVING of greens (Superfood Greens) per day DECREASED ONE’S RISK OF DEATH BY 15% and it even protected cognitive decline associated with aging. Imagine eating the 6-8 servings that I recommend daily? That’s a solid life insurance policy, yet according to the National Cancer Institute, 90% percent of Americans don’t reach the minimum recommended servings of daily greens!

“Yes,” you read correctly,…only 10% of Americans are consuming the recommended daily fruits and vegetables…and those who do so are typically eating potatoes, tomatoes, carrots, and iceberg lettuce, not the nutrient dense, cellular healing Supergreens and vegetables. In fact, according to the USDA, Americans eat more iceberg lettuce than kale, romaine, and spinach combined! It’s time for SUPERGREENS!

Dark leafy greens and cruciferous veggies, in particular, keep your cells healthy, thriving and alive! In turn, cells keep you alive, since they are the foundation, the very building blocks for all living organisms, and you are composed of trillions of them! It is because of your cells that you absorb nutrients from food, and that your body is able to carry out specific functions. Your cells and their DNA hold the secret to your livelihood. But they don’t just sit around, lounging all day. Cells are active, performing specific functions and replicating themselves. In this duplicating process, the DNA code is preserved by little “caps,” called telomeres, on the ends of each DNA strand. Instead, with each cell division, the telomeres takes a hit, shortening to keep the main part of your DNA healthy and long. With each cell division, the telomere shortens until it is too short and the cell dies.

Telomeres protect the vital information of your DNA

and without the protection of Telomeres, your cells age and die! 

If you are following, you should be asking, “How do I protect my telomeres and how do I keep them long?” Great question! Now we are headed in the right direction!

In 2009, researcher, Elizabeth Blackburn, won the Nobel Prize in Medicine, for her 3 month study in which a whole-food, plant-based diet and other health lifestyle changes, including sleep, low stress, and exercise, actually lengthened the individuals’ telomeres! And, after a 5 year follow up, their telomeres were even longer with healthy eating and living! BAM! There you have it!

Greens are way more than low fat and low calorie, they contain more than vitamins, minerals, fiber, and antioxidants. Greens contain a special telomerase enzyme that feeds and protects the ends of your DNA, your telomeres. Your telomeres protect genetic code, support cellular division, and are related to how we age and our cancer risk too. Dark, leafy greens and brightly colored plant foods speak the language our cells need to stay alive, and a diet rich in greens is well substantiated to protect telomere length, integrity, and longevity!

Your health, happiness, and even weight loss rely upon healthy cells. You have the prescription to stay alive longer. It’s in your produce section! You need only to commit to eating the very foods that your body needs! Is today your day to commit?

In my Reboot Programs, I teach you how to incorporate SuperGreens and veggies into your diet everyday! Eat your SuperGreens; they heal! Private message me today to increase your livelihood!