FACT: There’s no evidence to substantiate that gluten free is healthier! C’mon y’all….gluten is just a binding protein that you are eliminating from your diet. Let’s dive in, first by getting clear on a gluten free lifestyle.
Gluten is found in many grains, the biggest and most obvious “offenders” being :
👉🏻wheat germ
👉🏻bulgur wheat
The binding protein, gluten, found in these whole grain foods, CAN CAUSE a cascade of unhealthy reactions in people with gluten-related disorders, including celiac, gluten allergies or sensitivities, and sometimes the symptoms are covert or dismissed since they can also be related to other issues. Some gluten reactions can include:
😢 bloating
😢 headaches
😢 depression
😢 lethargy
😢 anemia
😢 nutritional deficiencies
😢 stubborn weight loss
Now, don’t miss this point! Unless you have been diagnosed with gluten issues, according to a 2013 study published in Harvard Health Publishing, you may be sabotaging your healthy by randomly eliminating gluten from your diet, landing your health in a state of nutritional deficiencies or other health situations.

If you’re determined to go gluten free, it’s important to know that it can set you up for some nutritional deficiencies.

The gluten free diet rose to the Nation’s awareness and became a dieting fad when the media and Hollywood touted its healthfulness. As predicted, everyone jumped on the “gluten-free train,” and it has been beneficial to many individual’s diets as it’s true that gluten can irritate some individual’s digestive systems. It’s also true that you must avoid gluten completely if you have a medically diagnosed condition, such as celiac or autoimmune diseases. But once again the marketing genius of food manufacturers and the media helped many to equate “gluten-free” with weight loss and health.
However, consider this….Some of the best sources of heart healthy, cholesterol lowering beta glucan soluble fiber include whole grains such as barley, oats, and bulgur wheat! Omit gluten and you might also be omitting heart health as well as nutrients like iron, folate, niacin, vitamin B-12, calcium, riboflavin, and zinc…all in the name of nutritionally deficient gluten free pretzels, pasta, or bread! Really?

Don’t hate the messenger, but please embrace the reality of this media and Hollywood driven fad!

When taking the plunge to go on a gluten-free diet, the aforementioned grains, or foods derived from them, must be removed completely from the diet…and that can include toothpaste! Now this is where many get tripped up…Pasta, bread, crackers, and the like are the easiest to remove, but it’s the sneaky foods below, just to name a few examples, that cause issues with gluten free living, including:
    • sauces (think soy sauce)
    • soups
    • vitamin and mineral supplements
    • french fries (that were dusted in flour before frying)
    • processed cheese (picture Velvetta)
    • sausage
    • creamers
    • root beer
    • veggie burgers
    • even cross-contaminated oats (unless certified gluten free),
Who knew? Many don’t! And so while you might be eliminating healthy grains or the obvious pasta, you might still be ingesting gluten through more covert sources. It takes diligence to keep gluten at bay. What’s more, when gluten is removed, salt, sugar, or hidden sugary starches are typically added to compensate for gluten’s omission, and so healthier eating is assumed. The reality? You might be consuming additional, but unrealized calories, sodium, or sugar, all at the cost of vitamins, minerals, fiber, and more!
Now is a good time to drop the notion:
“I’m healthier because I’m (paleo) and/or gluten free!’
TRUTH: I’m shooting straight!
IF you suspect you have a gluten issue or celiac, work with your physician to diagnose correctly with a blood test, and unless you are diagnosed with celiac disease or gluten allergies and/or sensitivities, there’s no reason why healthy amounts of gluten rich grains cannot be a part of your healthy diet. There’s really no scientific evidence to back gluten-free foods as being healthier, and truth be known, any change to one’s diet will almost always result in some weight loss, since more mindful eating is required to omit foods/food groups.

If you are drowning in the vast sea of nutritional confusion, you’re not alone! In my 3 and 6 month programs, we will work together to identify your personal health goal and the lifestyle to support it! No confusion! It starts with a thoughtful conversation. Are you ready?