It’s time to get real. I’m a workaholic. I could sit in front a computer or on the phone helping others at the cost of my own health, and sometimes sleep! It’s a love-hate relationship. Sometimes my OCD, type A personality will even compromise working out for my health coaching passion.

All that recently changed when I realized my setting a workout aside was rooted in my “all or nothing” mentality. I don’t know why we feel everything has to be ALL IN, but I’m confident I’m not the only one with this approach, particularly with cleaning and exercise.

As I sat in my pool of self-pity for not accomplishing the ab work I continuously put off, justifiably realizing it’s just too hard to get to the gym, a lightbulb went off! Why not just commit 10 minutes to a daily workout? Surely that would be better than nothing. Clearly, that would yield results if only I could commit to TEN DAILY MINUTES of ab work! And so it was….Abs have become fun, easy, fast, and I’m thrilled at the idea of the 6 pack I used to have! (check in with me in 30 days to see my results!)

Suddenly what became overwhelming, has become a fun, daily 10 minute challenge!

Yes, it’s time for a paradigm shift. Think about the last time you were running late and you thought, “I wish I had just ten extra minutes!” You likely ran through your laundry list of actions that could have been completed…Maybe you would have dried you hair, painted your nails, washed the breakfast dishes…My mind races with a flurry of actions if I just would’ve had only ten extra minutes.

What if that same approach were applied to making changes in your life to improve your fitness, health, nutrition, or overall well-being? With ten daily minutes, you have carved out over an hour of your week to make positive changes. It’s a fraction of your week (the data geek in me will remind you that’s less than 1% of your week…only .7% to be exact!), but this small investment makes significant steps towards improvement in overall health and overall wellness by creating a balanced, sustainable healthy lifestyle. Health is not all about eating and exercising! It’s about continuous daily actions to include a balanced life around career, exercise, nutrition, relationships, and spirituality. Truly, it only takes a small amount of deliberate thought and subsequent action.

What wellness changes could you make with just a ten minute investment? All that is required is a thoughtful effort…

Now here’s what’s great…Those ten minutes need not be continuous nor dedicated. Instead, look for pockets of time to give the gift of time and health to you and to your family. Each ten minute action compounds to yield significant benefits. Consider this:

  • Why not complete ten sit-ups and ten pushups in between sending emails?
  • Make fruity spa water and drink a glass!
  • How about cutting fruits and veggies while making phone calls?
  • Consider using ten minutes to do 2 sets of squats and arm curls instead of surfing the internet.
  • Seek peaceful living by giving just ten minutes of breathing, meditation, and stretching.
  • Complete one set of the PK Ten Minute High Intensity Interval Training!
  • Think about giving ten minutes to jotting down healthy meals for the week with a grocery list to accompany…
  • Call a friend for a meaningful connection.
  • Play with your children!
  • Vacuum the carpet for just ten minutes….major living spaces only and you’ll earn exercise, cleanliness, and a peaceful living environment.
  • Clean out a junk drawer!

These small ten minute increments can swiftly add up to a huge payout. Imagine investing a dime and earning back $10,000? We would run, not walk to invest. It’s time to dedicate the same to your lifestyle. Just ten minutes, and you can make big changes to create daily balance and wellness! Now go do it!

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