Jokes, anecdotes, getting to know each other…these are the trademarks of a pacing event. Let’s face it, 3:55 minutes of strangers’ running together, means we are likely going to cover it all. One of the things you might not expect is the extra time I spend with pace groups on visualization techniques and focusing strategies. Both are critical for both short and long term goals…in fitness, work, health, and even family!

Motivational Monday Focus Tips

  • Positive Self Talk from the onset – How many times have you sprung out of bed saying, “I’m amazingly talented and deserve the accolades for my work?” or “I’ve trained hard for 15 weeks, I have earned a spot at the front of my marathon corral?” How about, “I’m a wonderful parent!” If you start with seeing yourself in a positive light, that’s half the battle. What’s more, it changes your ego state into seeing yourself as a successful, well-deserved competitor. Identify a positive mantra that you can repeat to yourself when the going gets tough.
  • Encourage Others – When you provide positive feedback to others, barriers come down, it feeds your soul, and puts you into a leadership position. This might look like a nice note to a business colleague, patting your running competition on the back after a race, or encouraging the runners you pass in a race, “Nice work!” Find at least one way to encourage someone everyday, and several times throughout your next marathon. When you encourage others, the little obstacles disappear and the final goal stays in focus.
  • Keep the End in Sight – Hard times make success worthwhile. A marathon is the epitome of this. Who finishes a marathon and exclaims, “WOW! I felt exhilarated at mile 24?”….NOBODY!  Instead, runners finish a marathon with bliss at the FINISH LINE! So, keep your mind on each single mile, on each work task, or with each meal when trying to make healthier choices. When you break the work down and stay “head in the game” with each milestone, you’ve increased your chances of success. We consume our minds worrying about past and future actions, yet this is a waste of energy. When paired with a visualization of what the end looks like, for example a healthier you, crossing the finish line with a marathon medal, smiles on your children, or an award at work, you’ll find the tenacity to see a job through even when it gets rough. Spend time each day with a visual picture of your success…”How will you look crossing the finish line? How will your kids looks when playing a game with your children tonight?” The more visual imagery you can conjure up, the better your goal comes into focus.

Come run with Pacer Kristen this winter, you’ll find that you come out stronger on the other end! Let me motivate you to Keep Your Eye on the Prize in LIFE!