It’s a New Year.

You’ve likely set a New Year’s Resolution.

  • Lose weight?
  • Be a better parent?
  • Cook healthy meals for my family?
  • Volunteer more often?

Regardless of your goal, we all seek personal improvement. But, how many times have you stopped right there…You  started with the thoughts of best intentions, and now you are left riding on hope? It’s time to take your personal goal to the next level!

If you’ve ever run in one of my pace groups, you’ll know that visualization is something we spend some time working on through our 13.1 miles/half marathon or 26.2 miles/full marathon. Let’s face it, it’s the perfect time for yet another Pacer Kristen monologue! What’s more, it’s the ideal time to focus on the goal and to engage in successful techniques to “get ‘er done!”

Visualization is a critical piece of your reaching goals. I’ve used this technique in racing but equally so in the world of education. Visual Imagery underlies one’s ability to use higher levels of thinking, to understand, to apply, synthesize, to analyze, and to evaluate. Let’s face it, when you can visualize a problem in its entirety, you create more neural connections, allowing smaller, more sustainable actions. Visualization moves you from THOUHT to ACTION; it’s the bridge in Ghandi’s philosophy, “Your beliefs become your thoughts, Your thoughts become your words, Your words become your actions!!”…and you need to picture those beliefs and actions to help make it happen!

To reach your New Year’s goal, apply these three simple steps to PEAK towards a better you!

Picture Exact Actions Kept in writing!

  1. Picture your goal. Make the perspective be your own. In other words, see YOURSELF accomplishing the goal through YOUR own eyes. This allows you to own the goal and to bec0me an active participant with your vision.
  2. Exact Actions. Add as many visual details as possible including: color, size, audience, your actions, background, clothing, emotions, feelings, smells. Engage as many senses as possible. Your specificity allows your body to rehearse the process, again making neural connections such that the dream is set into motion towards becoming a reality.
  3. Kept it in writing! Now that you have a clear picture in  your head. Write it down in a positive one sentence structure! Read it daily, and repeat your goal in your head throughout the day. A short positive goal will allow you to stay focused when challenged with obstacles.

In my programs, you will develop the visualization and mindset to see yourself as a healthy, happy person, and to begin the work towards becoming your authentic self…the one you visualize and probably forgot long ago! It’s time to Move Back Into Your Body!