Surfers, Juice, and Selfies

Today, I met George Greenough. It was a good day. It might have been even better had Kelly Slater been there too!

If you’re a surfer, you are already thinking I got autographs and selfies. And I did get a selfie…kind of, only these two world famous surfers weren’t there! Instead, I discovered an amazing juice on a warm, fall Florida day….Enter Surfinista Cafe in Cocoa Beach, Florida!

My afternoon had the pleasure of consuming one “George Greenough, an organic, cold pressed treat made of kale, spinach, cucumber, celery, ginger, and green apple. It was delish in every kind of way. Served in a recyclable Mason Jar, and loaded with alkalized vegetables, George was refreshing and and filling. Now here’s the part you might not now…Drinking George Greenough or any of the many fresh, cold pressed juices Surfinista or your local Juice Bar also adds nutrients from the fruits or vegetables that you normally wouldn’t eat. Take celery for example…Sorry, but who really loves celery enough to reach for it routinely? Yet, it’s loaded with at least 12 antioxidants and is rich in folic acid for optimal metabolism and vitamin K to increase bone density! I’ll drink (juice) to that!

Fruit and vegetable juices provide many of the benefits one would receive from consuming the whole version of their counterparts. They retain most of the vitamins, minerals and phytonutrients from the whole food, and their nutrients can help protect against many health conditions including cardiovascular disease, cancer and inflammatory diseases, such as rheumatoid arthritis. Rich in antioxidants, drinking cold pressed juice can also protect your body from oxidative cellular damage. I would still argue that eating the whole fruit, and especially vegetables is the best practice for getting the nutrients your body needs, but I also realize the reality of eating lots of daily veggies. So, drink up!

You’re likely wondering, “does it get any better than this?” Yes! What you don’t know is that Kelly Slater himself occasionally visits his hometown’s Surfinista Cafe, so you can bet I’ll be back to try another cold-pressed, nutritious juice,…and hope to get a selfie with a famous surfer celebrity!

Happily, you can find a Juice Bar near you too! Head to Green Hopping to download their app for finding organic green juices, smoothies, juice bars, health food stores, and raw, gluten-free, vegan plant based restaurants! …Maybe they’ll ad a special app to locate George Greenough or Kelly Slater too!

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