To optimize your marathon performance and to prepare for your next race, active and deliberate recovery are critical. With attention to the following points, you will be less sore and will become stronger for your next run.
I take my recovery very seriously, so that the next race is set for success. Beyond the immediate change of running shoes, showering, and celebrating and/or relaxing, the following critical activities will aid your recovery. The first 12 hours are critical, and the coming days will most definitely play a part in the process too.


  • Drink a protein drink as soon as possible after finishing. I personally look to Purium’s athletic products, including their shake with 32 grams of complete, plant based protein, the patented Master Amino supplements, with a 99% NNU (utilization rate), and Xanthin to prevent lactic acid buildup. What’s more, Purium’s concentrated Apothe Cherry juice with 7,000 ORAC (Oxygen Radical Absorbance Capacity) keeps inflammation down and helps me to achieve a deep sleep.
  • Drink coconut water – great for rehydration. I use ONE Pure Coconut water.
  • Eat clean calories. Even I am tempted to go for a celebratory drink, but I know that will dehydrate my body, and it’s empty calories.
  • Elevate the feet, followed by a soak in epsom salt.
  • Sleep!
THE DAY AFTER (within 24 hours)
  • MOVE! Though I’m inclined to do the opposite, it’s actually important to work the muscles a bit the next day to flush out the muscles from toxins and lactic acid buildup. This includes a very slow, short jog, short bikeride, easy swim, or even a short walk.
  • Massage and/or roll out on a foam roller…feet and legs at a minimum.
  • Continue clean eating.
BEYOND (the week after)
  • Continue light activities, but try to give your body a break for at least 7 days,….two weeks would be more ideal. During that time, you need to be active but with light exercise. Activities that don’t include running will be best to avoid injury and emotional turmoil. Time off is a good thing!