Lunch is fast; why not create Mason Jar Salads to have ready for the week? And this follows my Health Coaching philosophy that lunch should be a case of  “Grab and Throw” your favorite greens and veggies, beans, whole grains, lean protein, and a super splash of flavor with fresh lemon juice, oil (coconut, avocado, or olive), salsa, hummus, or homemade dressing (see recipes section) and season with spices and aromatics. You can throw this into a Tupperware dish, whole grain pita, Sprouted Grain wrap, Mason Jar, or bowl. Easy and fast!


**Lunch doesn’t need to look perfect!

** If preparing ahead of time, such as in a Mason jar or Tupperware dish, pack lemon juice or dressing at the base of container (or pack dressing and/or lemon wedges separately) and layer heartier foods at the base with softer greens at the top.

** A plant-based diet might include protein-rich, heartier foods such as beans/legumes, bulgur wheat or brown rice (if no grain sensitivities), mushrooms, nuts and seeds.