Have you ever considered how many thoughts you have in a day? Experts don’t necessarily agree on the exact number….How could they really access this information anyway?!?! But your daily thoughts are said to range around 50,000 to 80,000!

Seriously! That’s HUGE! When you break down the math for 16 waking hours, that’s 3,125 to 5,000 thoughts per hour! Sadly, most of those thoughts are the same ones you have day in, day out, and around a common theme of negativity…Constant chatter about concerns, what you need to do, why you cannot succeed, and general self-limiting beliefs. Essentially, your brain is like Alvin and the Chipmunks…in constant motion, causing chaos and all kinds of problematic mischief, and generally annoying.

This self talk can really get in the way of personal action, progress, and success..in life and in health, especially when you realize that those same thoughts and subsequent emotions can dictate your chemistry and your gene behavior! Your thoughts and feelings can create or sabotage your inner peace.

Think about it…For most, the first daily look in the mirror is full of negative self talk and feelings of unworthiness and self-loathe. If you are constantly telling yourself why you are not deserving, not good enough or satisfied, what you need to do, and what you must change to be happy, your cortisol stress hormone has no choice but to amp up, making you feel less than amazing, and driving you to take actions that perpetuate negativity. Cortisol and self talk are powerful!


~Pacer Kristen

Cortisol is a chemical messenger that is easily released in your body, and it is readily available to perpetuate negative thoughts since it protects you when you’re endangered (think swerving car, challenging child). From social media to children to work, laundry, and even making dinner, your (negative) cortisol hormone is amped up all day long (unless, of course, you are superhuman)

More stress = More cortisol = more negativity

More stress, cortisol, and negativity have no choice but to drive up insulin levels, increase fat storage, and cause you to lose energy and the desire to workout. It’s a whole cycle of negativity, unhappiness, more overeating, and unhealthy choices. Okay, let’s be honest, this is the REAL REASON why Starbucks is so popular…it’s happiness in a glass, at least short term happiness. It truly is a vicious cycle.

Have you ever considered what might happen when you are empowered to be the boss of your thoughts and to take charge of your success by learning to change your thought patterns? My life changed when I began to unlock the power of mindset just by becoming more aware of negative self-talk, by committing to change, and by learning how to redirect my thought patterns.

What’s most interesting are the significant actions resulting from subtle changes. Here’s what I mean, how many times have you muttered the words “I need to OR I have to…” instead of “I choose to…” or “I should” when you really mean “I will?” The former imprisons you and precludes change while the latter allows you to manifest your dreams and goals. What’s more, the “have to’s” in our life keep us busy, very busy…the perfect alibi for not dealing with true issues and for having NO TIME to get healthy. It’s legit in our negative thought pattern.

Not going to lie; this shift from cortisol, stress-driven negativity required considerable work to throw my fears aside, become aware of thought patterns, and deliberately commit to changing my self-talk, yet surprisingly it has allowed me to push through the self-limiting “bubble.”

Learning to take charge of your thoughts is powerful! ~Leslie Zann

What’s great is that the mindset and positive self talk applies to all aspects of your life: healthy diet, career, parenting and relationships, exercise, and more. If you have followed me for any amount of time, you will also know I’ve written a blog on mindset, mindfulness and eating. All aspects of your life spill over into the next to create a healthy balance, so fixing self talk for one area has a positive domino effect into the others.

It’s time to turn off the negative and incessant background noise! It’s damaging to your health, it limits your growth as a person, and it stands in the way of your becoming the person you were meant to be, your authentic self! Negative thought patterns block your inner peace.

Mastering your mindset increases your inner peace, quiets your negativity, empowers action, increases happiness, and even boosts energy. And it comes down to my health mantra (ironically I use a less healthy food)… Proverbially speaking, you “deserve the biggest piece of (healthy) cake!”…It’s what I teach you to do in my private health coaching practice!


  1. Decrease sugar, caffeine, and processed foods. It’s terribly difficult to be positive, patient, and kind with yourself when you are constantly stimulated with foods that are nutritionally toxic.
  2. Identify Your Story. We each have created “our story,” perhaps since childhood. Acknowledging the past, which defines you, and letting go of that which keeps you in the past is critical to opening up possibilities. Your mental health depends on how you think of yourself.
  3. Heighten Your Awareness of Subtle Signs.  Negative self-talk sneaks up on most people. According to a 1988 study, titled “Depression and mental control: The resurgence of unwanted negative thoughts” what starts as a seemingly innocent criticism or judgement can create a dangerously, uninterrupted, interconnected chain of negative thoughts and habits. Look for subtle signs (caffeine habit; impulse eating, drinking, or shopping; nail biting; stress or anger bursts) that create the loop of negative self-talk. Notice how these subtle “precursors” are interpreted into your daily actions and body image.
  4. Take Positive Action. Using a Behavior Therapy technique called “Opposite Emotion Action,” you learn to identify the negative emotion, then identify the opposite emotion and finally act as if THAT is how you are feeling. For example if you feel disappointment, transition to gratitude, and act accordingly such as calling a friend to thank them for always being supportive. Additionally,  learning to separate thoughts, feelings and behaviors around true circumstances allows you to learn to deal with issues rather than to buffer thoughts and feelings with food and other unhealthy behaviors.
  5. Add Mindfulness. Yoga and breathing can increase the calming, happy hormone, GABA, by 27%. A yoga practice allows you to focus and to calm your body and mind. Meditation too has been proven to decrease illness and to create positive feelings of purpose. Start small with short sessions of yoga, breathing, and/or meditation until your “mindful muscles” are strong and established for longer, more beneficial sessions.

Being more mindful and noticing signs of negativity has made an impact on my healthfulness, parenting, and business growth by altering my perspective. I’d love to hear how you experiment and implement the above. Please share!

Are you ready to ditch the subtle negative messages in your life?..the ones keeping you “stuck” in life? In our work together, you will learn to use mindset for making positive changes in your health and your life. Schedule your free health coaching consultation today!