Between Halloween parties, errands, and training others, it’s challenging to fit in a workout for me! Look to the car, my friends! There’s really no reason to dismiss fitness from your schedule, yet I hear this all the time,… “I don’t have time to exercise!” Nonsense, I say! I use my car, the mobile office, daily for a quick, five to ten minute workout. Abs, glutes, and arms can all be accomplished, even while driving down the street…though please continue to focus on your driving too!
Complete several reps of…
  • Basic ab contractions (2 x 15 reps), as if you were doing a sit-up, but only going approximately 6-8” towards the steering wheel;
  • The Vacuum, by drawing your navel in towards your spine and holding it (5 x 20 seconds). Continue breathing normally but contract your muscle;
  • Glutes squeeze, by tightening your glute muscles, hold for several seconds, and release (5 x 20 seconds);
  • Holding a water bottle (or yummy Kombucha in my case!) parallel to the floor, curl the bottle to your shoulder (2 x 15 reps). If you’re ambitious, you could even carry a hand weight in your car!
All it takes is several minutes at a stoplight! You’ve got this…No Excuses, Be strong!