Jennifer D. – “I  lost 10lbs and 7″!! I definitely don’t feel sluggish anymore. I feel fresh and clear…. I just feel healthy.”

Teresa: “After struggling with a sugar addiction (the sugar monster) and simply craving unhealthy foods, Teresa is on the road to a healthy lifestyle change with NO MORE cravings! Her energy level that used to drop during the day is now maintaining on a daily basis. After losing 6 ½ inches overall loss + 5 lb weight loss she is “Ready for Day 11 and beyond.”

Tina M. “…This has taught me to take nutrition to a new level. I have always thought I ate healthy, and had good energy. I was skeptical because I have no thyroid and weight/ inches loss are next to impossible for me. So I work hard at being healthy and in shape already and felt I was doing well and had resigned myself to being heavier than I would like for the rest of my life. In 12 days I have lost a total of 4 inches, kicked a twenty year coffee drinking habit and feel amazing!… I look forward to many more positive results and thoroughly appreciate the wonderful support I have received! ”

Natalie: “I lost 9.4 pounds, several inches, gained COFFEE FREE energy, and am sleeping well again!!

Heather D: “I feel lighter, happier, more clear and less drained….MORE OVERALL ENERGY!!!!”

Donna: “I lost 10 pounds and 3.5 tummy inches (didn’t measure elsewhere). With a slower metabolism after battling cancer in 2009, and despite 5 years of boot camps and other fitness interventions (like so many of us), Donna’s weight loss has been an ongoing struggle….Until now! Donna shared, “This (transformation and continuing Core Three Nutrition) has helped me to add more vegetables into my diet, I have more energy and have not needed caffeine to get through the day. Despite birthdays and trips, I’ve lost 10 pounds and stayed at the same weight. This has boosted my nutrition, and keeps me mindful of what I’m choosing to eat.”

Tiffany E.: “Yesssss!!! I feel amazing! I lost 9 lbs!  And, I have always had foot problems, a dull chronic pain in my right foot; it just dawned on me that my foot has not bothered me AT ALL since I began!”

Courtney K.: “Before starting, I was scared, but the process was all worth it…my bloating went down and I feel fantastic! My experience was totally worth it and I can thank Kelly, Sandy, and Kristen enough for all the support 💚”

Dave M. – Palm Beach, FL
My goal in trying the 10-day transformation was to “reset” my nutrition to clean and start eating and fueling myself in a healthier manner. I know conclusively that it changed my eating habits. I now feel better and I perform better! With my perceived exertion at the same level, I am riding and running faster on the same routine workouts. My race performances are really amplified, I am definitely sticking with this winning formula!

Chip G. – Cocoa, FL
For years, I consumed one liter of Diet Coke daily. After the Ten Day Cleanse, I no longer crave or consume Diet Coke or any soda beverages. The nutrition has  balanced my pH level and given me better energy, which is important as an avid cyclist.

Mara – Merritt Island, FL
Day 9 and going strong. Energy is off the wall… Total pounds down so far is almost 7 and yesterday had on my jeans that had not fit for quite some time.