Ali – 2016 Miami Marathon
I know we didn’t stick around the whole time, but you helped us 100% through the first 18 miles! We couldn’t have been so steady and positive without you!!!!!

Todd – 2016 Miami Marathon
I ran just in front of u the whole race. I wanted to thank u so much!! Your pace was dead on. You pushed me more than you’ll ever know! At mile 25 you were the difference when I started to slow–u picked it up! At 26—I sprinted the .2 miles left. My time was 3:59:04. Having a sub 4 as my first marathon marks one of the best achievements of my life and you were apart of that!

Akiko – 2016 Miami Marathon
Thanks so much for your support. Couldnt have gotten my PR (minus 17 minutes!) without you today.

Catherine – 2016 Miami Marathon
I just wanted to thank you for being an amazing pacer on Sunday! You had me until around mile 10 when the bridge broke my pace and I lost sight of you! I did want to scream ‘please wait for me’! I pushed through and my half was 2 hours and 28 seconds!! About a minute slower than last year but still proud! What I hadn’t appreciated was the inspiration and motivation you provide and I went on to tell my two fellow runners all about you afterwards! Thank you thank you for the motivation and inspiration! I will run on and see you next year!! That’s me in the front with my arms up when you sprinted ahead!

Becky – Palm Beach, FL @ Palm Beach Full Marathon
Hi Kristen.. First I want to thank you!!! I started off in your 4hr group in the marathon yesterday. You are absolutely amazing and made my first marathon experience so enjoyable that I have already signed up for my second. I am hoping to be able to hit the 4hrs this time. Thank you thank you thank you for being the best motivator/guide/teacher there is.

Mark – Palm Beach, FL @ Palm Beach Half Marathon
Thank you for the pacing of my Half today. You are very good at keeping us moving.

Jennifer – Palm Beach, FL @ Palm Beach Full Marathon
Thank you so much. You are truly motivating and an awesome lady to run with. Even though I went ahead, I could hear your voice and it helped more than you know!!! Keep up the good work. Once again, thank you.

Kim – Gasparilla Half Marathon 2016
Kristen. You are one incredible lady 🙂 thank you for your inspirational words throughout the half marathon. You definitely helped me surpass my goal time. Thank you for drawing out my confidence when I needed it most. You Rock!!

Samantha – Gasparilla Half Marathon 2016
Wanted to thank you again for your incredible motivation and inspiration this morning in the Gasparilla Half Marathon. I had great expectations for the race but was extremely apprehensive about my run because commitments the prior night kept me out late. I saw you at the start line and listened as one runner after another thanked you for helping them achieve their running goals in prior races. I decided to give your pace group a try. Not only did I meet my goal of 1:50, I had a PR and placed third in my age group. Your stories and running tips inspired me throughout the race. Thank you so much for making this Gasparilla Half a memorable one. Your husband and children are truly blessed – you have a gift – best of everything to you. Have a wonderful day!

Nidia – Gasparilla 8k 2016
Couldn’t keep up with you but your energy was just right to get me through it at a faster pace than I expected! Thank you for your inspiration!

Tim- Gasparilla Half 2016
Thank you so much for the wonderful job you did today at the Gasparilla Half. You made it fun and informative. Plus, thanks to you, I exceeded my goal by almost a full minute.

Richard – Gasparilla Half 2016
Thank you so much for the fabulous job you did pacing today!! I stayed behind the whole way (tired legs) but had you in sight at all times and you pulled me in. I did break 1:49… Thank you so much. I’ll look for you in Boston.

Chuck – Gasparilla 15k 2016
Thanks for pacing me to the best 15K that I have had since 2/12/2000. You are amazing and an inspiration.