It’s time to invest in yourself! This new year, look and feel your personal best heading into 2017. Take the Team PK 25 Day New Years Challenge to reboot your metabolism, to gain real energy, to learn a new, healthy lifestyle, and to have accountability for fitness and nutrition to build a healthier you! Regardless of your current fitness level, this challenge is perfect to take your body and your workout, to the next level with cardio, strength, high intensity interval training  and core work! …all of which are adjustable to your current fitness level.
At the base of your 25 Days, Core Three Nutrition provides the optimal, Organic, non-GMO, gluten, soy, and whey free vegan food every day. One daily protein shake provides nutrient-dense vegetables while the Super Amino 23 supplement reboots your metabolism with a clean protein source and assists in firm skin tone. Finally the Apothe Cherry Tart concentrate allows your body to fight free radicals, and it provides your body with melatonin for sleep and anti-inflammatory properties. These combined with a healthy eating plan, which is also provided, allow you to burn fat and to build lean muscle. Diets are restrictive, a healthy lifestyle is inclusive and rich in nutrients.
The Team PK Meal Plan is centered around small nutrient-dense meals throughout the day in addition to Core Three mentioned above. You have the ability to flex snacks and to plan healthy meals for you and for your family without the added burden of meal planning and fitness decisions. As you navigate new nutrition, workouts, and a healthy lifestyle, you’ll have private coaching and access for support throughout your 25 days and as long as you continue your journey of wellness.
Let’s DO THIS!…Join Team PK to regain your health and to gain private access to support, education, coaching, and more…Simply perfect for our busy, fast-paced lives!
Get registered for the Team PK 25 Day Fitness and Nutrition Challenge, starting January 2. With your teamwork and exclusive access to Team PK, immediate results await!

To sign up for the challenge, contact Pacer Kristen!