Mentally prepare for each day and situation according to your dietary needs.

That means, be ready for:


Shake: have a bottle of water ready along with your shaker bottle and powder. I usually put powder in the shaker itself and carry one extra serving in a ziploc bag or tupperware. Simply wash out the shaker between servings and be okay with mediocrity in terms of cleanliness!

Flex food: have an apple, avocado, or dried fruit ready to go. Calculate your flying time and prepare to bring enough flex items and shake for the duration of your travel.

Pack in your bag: Tea bags, a ziplock bag of oatmeal with cinnamon and raisins for healthy breakfasts (you can mix this in a paper cup using the coffee maker- just use the hot water drip), a homemade trail mix. Mentally visualize saying, “no thank you!” to the flight attendant when she offers beverages and snacks. Feel empowered when you do so! Remind yourself of the gift you are giving yourself by having nutritious items!

Packing Extra Nutrition: I rely on ziploc bags (I know, not best practices), to pack extra Superfoods. This can be in one big bag or premeasured for easy mixing throughout your time away. Take out all nutrition at security and tell them NOT to put it through radiation to preserve its nutritional integrity. They will test it by hand, which means they put a special paper into it and run that through the machine for any illegal activity. It’s a win-win..I tell them upfront, so it’s not suspicious and they don’t irradiate my food!


  1. Think ahead of the items you could order, which are relatively clean such as grilled salmon or chicken, steamed veggies, sweet potato, minestrone soup, brown rice, black beans, etc…
  2. Forget the menu! Don’t feel forced to look at or even order off the menu! Most restaurants have a full kitchen with some fresh foods! If all else fails, they can bring a simple green salad, which you can “upgrade” with your own items (see below).
  3. Explain your dietary requirements. It’s okay to bend the truth to punctuate your needs by explaining that you cannot have dairy or (??…you fill in the blank!)
  4. Ask the waitress/waiter for the items you need to “upgrade” your meal such as hummus, salsa, avocado, vinegar or sliced lemons to squeeze on salad.
  5. Anticipate and carry items to support your choices. A small container (I recommend investing in a beautiful travel salt grinder) of salt or spices, and an avocado fit nicely in a bag and can boost any meal (I carry them at all times!). Dice the avocado, squeeze lemon juice, and add a sprinkle of pink salt to make a beautiful, instant salad dressing or topping for black beans!
  6. Be proud with your decision to eat clean. If your friends, family, or colleagues ask, proudly share the gift of health. There are no apologies for demanding the best in your life! They might actually thank you! 


Healthy choices are there, but be on the lookout and plan ahead. If you know a flex meal or food time is approaching, be looking for choices. Start early!

If you think these choices out ahead of time, your chances of success increase! Lay out the shake before bed so it’s ready to go if you are running late.

Pick up a piece of fruit (banana or apple) to have in your room in the morning.

With some forethought and preparation, you will be successful even during travel. We look for ways to sabotage our efforts; don’t fall victim to your own demise! Happily, this is great practice for health, everyday living in which we are constantly in motion. So, look at this as a great opportunity!