Need a quick and easy nutrient dense breakfast for your family’s fast morning? Eggs are an easy “go to” meal that’s both budget-friendly and that provides some pretty amazing nutrients.

Think about it…a single egg contains the nutrients required to make life! I’m not saying that I’m a big fan or even that I eat them frequently or at all (for more personal reasons), but I DO recognize their amazing nutritional profile and their place in many diets. After all, it’s been said the yolk of an egg is nature’s multivitamin! I also appreciate that eggs are one of those foods, which provide a bit of uncertainty with knowing whether an egg is “healthy” or “unhealthy.”

The healthfulness of an egg is actually less about the egg and more about the chicken and subsequent egg quality and quantity in which eggs are eaten. My biggest concern with eggs is the manner in which the chicken has been raised. And farmers/manufacturers have made it an impossible mission to decipher the best choice when you hit the egg aisle.

Seriously! The egg aisle is starting to look like the cereal aisle with way too many choices and a lineup of deceivingly “healthy labels.”

Unfortunately, “All natural” and “cage free” mean nothing. FDA standards have no regulations around these labels. “Cage free” regulations simply means your chicken was not kept in a cage but might have been in a big facility (isn’t that still a BIG cage?), piled up and pecking other chickens to death while also moving through chicken waste (yes, chicken

poo!) Meanwhile, “free range” chickens just had access to the outdoors, but it doesn’t mean they practiced their rights to range! Let’s face it, chickens like to stay where the water and food is kept..and that’s INSIDE the warehouse! Finally, the FDA doesn’t actually approve hormone or antibiotic use (with the exception of certain situations) for chickens, so the “antibiotic free” label also holds no purpose.

What’s more, most eggs come from chickens that were given vaccines, lived and were slaughtered inhumanely (creates bad chemistry in the chicken…just think how a female’s chemistry changes monthly…its effects are real!!!), and were fed diets rich in GMO corn and soy, which are both full of chemicals AND lack nutrients to provide the rich Omega 3’s fatty acids for which you are looking.

Organic, pasture raised eggs, however, contain three times more omega 3’s than conventional eggs! That’s powerful and reminds me that conventional eggs might be cheap, but you really don’t get the “bang for your buck” when it comes to nutrients per dollar.

And so, are eggs health? When quality and quantity is compromised, the answer is no! Most people eat way more than the occasional egg from chickens that have led a less than ideal life. Low quality eggs in high quantities can only mean one thing: chronic inflammation.

Instead, I recommend an organic pastured egg and in limited quantities, and only if you are positive they aren’t inflammatory to your specific body. The protein of an egg (white) can be very inflammatory, and especially if there are already existing gut permeability issues. I recommend eliminating eggs from your diet for a few weeks to notice how your body feels without them…Make sure eggs are not creating signs of inflammation, including bloating, brain fog, headaches, and the like, then add them back into the diet if you notice no symptoms.

Eggs CAN BE one of those “deceivingly” healthy/unhealthy foods.

Truly, your gold choice in terms of nutrition and humane treatment is an organic, pasture-raised, USDA stamped egg with the Certified Humane or Animal Welfare Approved seal. If you are going to eat eggs, a chicken that has grazed the land, roamed in the sunlight, eaten nutrient dense insects, seeds, and organic matter provides the safest, most humane, and nutrient dense egg you can buy. And, believe me when I say this is one not to compromise!  It’s worth a few dollars extra!


  1. Scramble one egg and a splash of milk or water in a buttered ramekin dish.
  2. Season with salt and pepper.
  3. Microwave 45-60 seconds or until egg is set.
  4. Run knife around the sides to release egg into a toasted sprouted grain bagel or English muffin.
  5. Add sliced avocado, greens, and seasonings.

You have one perfect breakfast to start your day! Have a beautiful morning!