Cooking with your child is as essential as teaching him to read or to be fiscally smart. Yet rarely does a parent say, “I really need to start teaching my 8 year old son how to cook?!?!?!” …Not many!  Think about it this way, when you spend time with your children in at the kitchen, you are investing in their future. Here’s why.

When Children Cook in the Kitchen…
  • Children gain knowledge of food, clean eating, and healthy choices.
  • Math skills, such as measurement including fractions, ratios, and basic computation are emphasized.
  • Language skills improve. It opens dialogue between parent and child, because cooking cannot occur without discussion!
  • Meal planning is modeled.
  • A focus on family meals is developed.
  • Chances improve for healthy food to be consumed. When a child takes pride in cooking something, chances are they will eat it too!
  • Children become EMPOWERED to make healthy choices for LIFE!
All parents want their children to be confident, capable, independent, and successful for a lifetime. Good health is essential and critical for any individual to reach his full potential, and the KITCHEN is a classroom too.
Now grab your child’s hand and get cooking!