Run Coaching


This program is ideal for anyone looking to improve running, fitness, nutrition, and prevent injury.

As a Holistic Health Practitioner and a Certified Running Coach, I work with clients to strengthen the Mind, Body, and Soul. Through a functional, holistic approach, my private run coaching will support you to break personal records and to reach your optimal performance in the next race. This is a great complement to private health coaching!

Following a running inventory, a custom, personalized plan is developed according to specific running goals.

Program includes:

  1. A running guide
  2. General nutritional support
  3. A customized interactive electronic training plan, developed according to your current level of fitness and updated as you progress. Plan syncs to your satellite device to download and upload workouts.
  4. Online progress updates as benchmarks are met
  5. Ongoing daily and weekly feedback on workouts
  6. Strengthening exercises
  7. You will receive a 25% discount on my preferred athlete's optimal nutrition to support strength, endurance, and rapid recovery
  8. Mindset work
  9. Race day strategy

Addressing the physical, emotional, psychological, nutritional, and injury demands of a training plan are paramount to a successful running program. When nutrition, strength, mindset, and targeted training come together, each daily run improves, personal records are broken, risk of injury is reduced, and running becomes fun all year long!

This is ideal for runners who are:

  • Novice, intermediate and experienced
  • Looking to add optimal fueling strategies
  • Interested in having an individual plan, according to current paces and levels of performance
  • Wanting to decrease the risk of injury
  • Want to develop stronger mindset
  • Seek marathon race strategies
  • Focused on a personal record
  • Needing a change to put the “fun” back in the run

$110 monthly

*Secured monthly billing offered through

Looking for a Personal Pacer to achieve your PR or Boston Qualifier?….Personalized pacing services are also available upon request.