D0 you think WILLPOWER is the key to weightloss?…THINK AGAIN!
Your weight loss and health might be the victim of Endocrine Disruptors Chemicals (EDC), toxins, food substances, and artificially and chemically processed additives!

Even the best willpower cannot trump EDCs!

Everything you eat and drink washes over your cells to communicate with and turn on or off gene expression. EDCs, such as BPA in plastic water bottles and arsenic in chicken and rice (yes, really!), interfere with the natural development and regulation of your hormones causing weight gain, disease, decreased cognition, affect, and energy.

Today I am uncovering the top food substances that appear benign, but are lurking to sabotage your health. Each one comes with its own unique hazards, but generally speaking, weight loss relies upon your consumption of quality, whole, real foods, since processed food substances confuse your cells, jeopardize health, can spike blood sugar levels, alter hormonal balance, increase your appetite, and trigger fat storage.

I’m not saying this post is going to make me a popular person in your home, but I am promising that your knowledge and subsequent limited exposure will improve your health by identifying and avoiding these food substances and additives. After all, you are what you eat. And, please keep in mind that includes the substances that were used on your crop or given to the animal protein you have consumed!

Let’s dive in…


You see SOY LECITHIN everywhere, right? It is another one of those ingredients that hides in packaged foods to prolong the shelf life, to keeps fats and liquids playing happily together in a stable, velvety smooth fashion (think chocolate), and a whole slew of other wonderful functions to mix food easily and to present beautifully (a cake that rises perfectly).

With all these great functions, what’s the problem?…Soy Lecithin is easy and inexpensive to manufacture, but recall that soybeans are one of the top GMO, glysophate-sprayed crops! What’s more, to extract the lecithin from soy, harsh chemical solvents are used, including a “neurotoxic and highly-polluting petrochemical compound called hexane.” Note “Hexane is classified as a neurotoxin by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, and a hazardous air pollutant by the Environmental Protection Agency.”**


Maltodextrin is an artificially manufactured thickener and preservative in many popular foods: sauces, salad dressings, protein bars, meal replacement/protein shakes, and snack foods…even Taco seasoning and athletic recovery drinks.

This highly processed additive is damaging to your metabolism, spikes blood sugar (its glycemic index is higher than table sugar and white bread!!!!), kills good gut bacteria, is made from GMO corn, can cause allergic reactions, and has absolutely NO NUTRITION!


It’s no surprise that antibiotics and Growth Hormones/Bovine Growth Hormone (BGH) is used to fatten up livestock including pigs, cows, and chickens both for rapid yield of animal and corresponding dairy products such as milk or eggs. Following that chain of logic, realize the animal or its dairy subsequently becomes a vehicle for that which also goes into YOUR body! If you consume animals that are fed GMO grains or chemically treated grasses, then those same toxins go into your body as well. Your healthy gut bacteria are inevitably compromised as is health and weight loss.

When purchasing animal protein, know your farmer and select only ethically treated, pastured, grass fed animal protein, eggs, and dairy. I personally get my meat delivered by Moink and love it. It’s a great service that delivers ethically sourced and humanely raised meat straight to your door step. When you sign up, use this link. You’ll get $20 off your first delivery since I referred you.


BPA (bisphenol A) is a synthetic compound that mimics estrogen, stimulates growth, and is an endocrine disruptor. 90% of your exposure is said to come from diet alone (especially through canned goods). BPA not only disrupts hormones, it also has been linked to obesity and cancer. Instead of cans, TetraPaks, or specially-made boxed cartons, are great alternatives, since they are made from layers of paper, aluminum foil, and finally polyethylene. While I’m not a fan of plastics, polyethylene is deemed non-leaching and non-toxic.

“Food is believed to be the main exposure source of BPA in humans” 

**Annie’s and Pacific Foods also offer Tetra Paks!


Our third food like substance, modified food starch, is used as a thickener, emulsifier, and/or stabilizer used in many cake mixes, chips, soups, cheeses, sauces, and candy. Corn Starch can be modified either by OXIDATION using agents such as chlorine, sulfuric acid, chlorine, hydrogen peroxide, or other chemicals OR it is modified with ACID! NEITHER ONE ARE SAFE FOR CONSUMPTION!!

What’s more, modified food starch is frequently composed both of maltodextrin and also monosodium glutamate (MSG)! As noted in yesterday’s post, maltodextrin contributes to weight gain, allergic reactions, and increased blood sugar, while MSG can cause headaches, nausea, and heart palpitations.


Admittedly, cellulose fiber plays an important role in our diet. It is insoluble (cannot be dissolved in water), but aids in keeping you regular and satiated. Whole fruits, vegetables, grains, beans, nuts and seeds contain insoluble cellulose fiber (many also contain the equally important soluble fiber).

Typically the cellulose fiber seen in processed (boxed) foods, particularly those marketed as “high-fiber” are sourced from wood pulp and is commonly used as a filler. Foods that contain cellulose fiber in this form include breads/tortillas, syrup/sauces, pancake mixes, frozen waffles, cereal/breakfast bars, ice cream bars and sandwiches and frozen breakfast meals.


We naturally gravitate towards fruits and veggies when seeking to lose weight. Proceed cautiously with produce unless farmed in the US and carrying a USDA Organic certification, designated by a PLU code beginning with “9.” Unless certified USDA Organic, your produce has almost certainly been treated with chemicals to protect the crop from insects and weeds. Pesticides destroy healthy gut flora, the very ones that support weight loss, preclude effective nutrient absorption, create food intolerances, and can lead to insulin resistance, and myriad health issues. Use the Clean 15 and Dirty Dozen lists to prioritize Organic purchases.


Seemingly natural, since this food additive is made from red seaweed, carrageenan is used throughout the food industry to thicken and stabilize packaged foods, and organic foods are not off limits! Even almond milk is a top culprit for hiding carrageenan! Be careful with reading labels, because carrageenan is destructive to the digestive system and can ignite a pathogenic immune response. Your body responds with chronic inflammation, ultimately leading to ulcerations, bleeding, diabetes, and a whole slew of gastrointestinal issues, including cancer.

Let’s summarize a few recommendations to limit your exposure to chemicals, endocrine disruptors, toxins, and artificial, processed food substances:


👉🤢Do not microwave in plastic…you knew that one!
👉🤢Don’t use plastic, especially #3,6, or 7 on back
👉🤢Wash plastic by hand; don’t place in dishwasher
👉🤢Eat whole, real foods
👉🤢Buy organic/non-GMO, no Dirty Dozen (list below)
👉🤢Use natural cosmetics and toiletries
👉🤢Use fragrance-free toiletries
👉🤢Do not use artificial air fresheners
👉🤢Recognize sources for EDCs (endocrine disruptors)
👉🤢Avoid soy products
👉🤢Include chelators (wheat grass, spirulina, chlorella) in your daily diet for detox. I recommend a daily green Power Shake to include these foods! 

Bottom line?!?!…Read your labels, and choose REAL, whole foods that your cells can identify and use!

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