So frequently, I hear the words muttered, “I don’t have time to run or exercise.” Isn’t that true? Nobody has time to exercise! But the reality is that many don’t make time to exercise or to place health as a priority. Instead, we get stuck in old habits, mindlessly walking through each day, carrying the same baggage as the day before and the months or years prior.

Making changes requires space, reflection, and the focus and commitment to identify priorities, and the courage to rewrite your story. It requires letting go of what no longer serves you to make room for the person you were meant to be, to stand in the truth and power of your authentic self!

“The secret of change is to focus all of your energy,
not on fighting the old, but on building the new!” ~Socrates

Happily, change doesn’t require talent, skill, youth, or knowledge, only the desire, simple steps, and commitment to reclaim yourself! And this work must be a priority to drive consistent, daily actions.

Change your priorities and you change your life!
It’s that simple!

I was recently reminded of priorities in the Chicago Marathon, when I passed a runner who was cruising along on a prosthetic foot, in the rain. He obviously had set his priority, and nothing was to hold him back… not the pain, the damp streets nor lack of foot! I was inspired, and his tenacity has stuck with me. This runner had clearly abandon any prior self, had embraced building his new paradigm, had trained one day after the next regardless of any limitations, and set his sights on building his new successes. He had clearly outlined his priority and was standing in his own truth, without regard to the person he once had been, presumably with two feet.

Every morning, we set priorities, whether realized or not to live a life of health, happiness, and positive energy or to aimlessly drift and to simply survive. I choose the former! I set my priority daily to eat well, to exercise, to set a model for others, and to do my personal best. It’s a conscious decision that I challenge you also to make daily.

Based on Cynthia James’ work here’s how to Reclaim Yourself:

  1. Identify your old story…what’s the past that defines you? Recognize your pain and the story you have been telling yourself and others far too long. Whether you define yourself as a “large person,” one who is “not athletic” or a simply that negative little voice that says, “I’m not worth health and happiness,” these are important constraints to acknowledge. Then decide how willing you are to move beyond and to let go of that story. Doing so will open up possibilities, priorities, and create space for building your new story.
  2. Recognize the pain manifested in your body. Meditate, journal, breathe and use yoga to be present, to release pain, to find your voice, and to identify priorities around what you truly want to be! These activities allow you to be in tune with the historical trauma that is encoded and interpreted in your daily life. When you live in the present and project into the future, you get clear on the language of your body and begin to live authentically.
  3. Forgive yourself. Negative energy starts with a thought and it modulates your chemistry, your food choices, and your actions. The reverse is also true. You can manifest positive energy with positive thoughts and actions, and it starts with a heaping dose of self-forgiveness. As Gandhi said, “Your beliefs become your thoughts, Your thoughts become your words, Your words become your actions. Your actions become your habits, Your habits become your values, Your values become your destiny.” Through your journaling or meditation, recognize negative, judgmental thoughts, acknowledge them, and dismiss them. It’s like a muscle, the more you practice self-forgiveness, you get better and stronger at it!
  4. Reclaim your Power. When you let go of the concept that anyone or any activity can claim your power or define you, you become free and empowered. Far too often, we surrender our power and give it away with few boundaries and with no regard to putting our priorities first! Case in point, how many times have you said, “yes,” when you meant, “no?” When you are clear on your priorities, have recognized and dismissed your old story, forgive yourself for present and past imperfections, you are free to step into your own power and take action around it.
  5. Practice Self Care. Poor eating, lack of sleep, and high stress, and a general lack of balance sabotage efforts and put you on a one way ticket back to your old story. We do this subconsciously and typically from a place of fear…fear of success, fear of failure, fear of rejection, fear of the unknown. By implementing self care to include adequate sleep, low stress though breathing, yoga, adaptogens, meditation, and exercise, a better life balance is struck and self-trust is developed. This creates a feedback loop of positive energy, self love, and success.

To successfully make life changes require you to stand in your power by living an authentic life and taking action. It doesn’t happen overnight, but is a deliberate journey around these ongoing steps.

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