Remember the last time you visited the spa, sat in the waiting area, and sipped on fruity spa water? I’m guessing you felt both hydrated and equally important, I’ll bet you were determined to maintain that great feeling of health and wellness! I’m right, aren’t I? I know this because I’ve “been there, done that!”

The great news is that you were “spot on”…Fruity spa water is good for you, and in more ways that you might think!

Daily, your body requires 50-75% of your body weight in fluid ounces of water. Hydration is critical for weight loss, for flushing toxins, overall healthy, and it even increases concentration and productivity! Don’t believe me?…Why do you think businesses are willing to invest in a water cooler? It’s NOT to encourage employees’ standing around wasting time! Same thing for our children. There’s a reason why students are asked to bring water bottles.

Dehydration, which often masks itself in food cravings, contributes to illnesses, headaches, digestive problems, obesity and joint pains, amongst other issues. By drinking water, your complexion improves, kidneys function properly, you will lose weight and experience higher energy levels.

The concept of drinking more water is all fine and good, but you are struggling to consume the required 50-75%, right? That’s because it’s boring and lacking of flavor! Try fruity spa water, my friends. Recall, you felt great when drinking it between your pedicure and massage?…You were even INSPIRED to maintain a healthy lifestyle!


By improving the flavor of your water with a healthy option, you are adding essential vitamins to your daily repertoire. Most commonly additions used are cucumbers, lemon/lime, orange, mint, basil and rosemary. The fun part is using your imagination to create a flavor all your own! No recipe required, and no right or wrong formula.

Head to your fridge, slice your favorite fruits, submerge in a pitcher of water, and allow to sit (ideally overnight) and become infused with yummy healthiness!

If you like the idea of infused water, here are a few tips to keep your fruity spa water fresh and healthy:

  • Examine the fruits and vegetables in leftover water as they may break down and decompose quickly. Use within 2-3 days.
  • Make sure the fruits and vegetables you are using are fresh and free from spoilage or bruises.
  • Wash and scrub your fruits or veggies before using unless you are removing peels.
  • Some recipes for infused water call for allowing the water and additional ingredients to “infuse” for 1-2 hours at room temperature. I think this is just asking for trouble. Infused waters should be kept in the refrigerator or iced down, check the ice frequently to keep the temperature of the water at 41 degrees or below. Proper refrigeration will make your infused water more refreshing and safer, too!

Here are my favorite favorite flavor ideas, using fruit and herbs or spices together:

  • Strawberries and green tea
  • Peaches with lemons and mint
  • Oranges and cloves
  • Fresh cherries and cinnamon
  • Limes and cucumbers
  • Grapefruit and rosemary
  • Blueberries and basil

DRINK UP!…and please let me know which flavor combination you love best! Please tag me @pacerkristen #pacerkristen when you do!