BUTT…I don’t have time to exercise! I know, I know…I hear it all the time. In my never-ending attempt to get America healthy, feeling and looking great with little time to give, I offer up the following exercises to tone and shape that butt of yours! I’d like to be proper and talk about this area of our bodies with poise, class, and subtlety, butt there’s really no way around it…GET OVER IT! It’s your butt; you want it to look great in your summer bikini, and you know it! I do too! So let’s get moving. You can perform these two, highly effective moves anywhere, with NO EQUIPMENT needed! …Okay, I’ll admit it, sometimes I do squats while I brush my teeth! 
SQUATS (with our without weights!)
Standing with your feet hip width apart and (optional!) holding an 5-10 pound dumbbell in each hand at shoulder height, bend knees and hips and sit back. Abs should be tight while you lower your thighs until they are nearly parallel to floor. Rise to standing and repeat. Three sets of 15 reps.

Kneel with hands flat on floor beneath shoulders and with knees directly beneath hips. Working one side at a time and keeping abs tight, contract right glutes and lift right leg until thigh is parallel to floor. Press your heel toward ceiling, hold at the top for 2-3 seconds, and squeeze glutes at the top of the lift. Lower knee almost touching the floor, and repeat. Complete one set of 15 reps on each leg to make one cycle. Repeat 2 cycles.

** For added challenge, place a small dumbbell in the fold of your knee and raise.